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Sokka Repercussions of Zuko
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Literature of the Duchy of Skibbington

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Duke of Skibbington

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  • Avatar Zuko – Master of all 4 elements. His desire is to save the Air Nation from the Fire Nomad menace.
  • Sokka – Water Tribe warrior, master of water and earth. Doesn't believe his dad.
  • Azula – Aang's sister. Master firebender.
  • General Gyatso – Leader of the Air Nation military and Zuko's messenger.


Sokka waited. The gas lights above him blinked and went out. There were firebenders on this ship, he didn't see them, but had expected them for years.

His warnings to Avatar Zuko had gone unnoticed and now it was too late, that is, at least, for the time being. Sokka had been a Water Tribe warrior for 5 years. When he was young, he looked to Dad and said, "I want to sail the ships, Daddy."

Dad said, "No! You'll be burned by firebenders."

There was a time when Sokka believed him, but as he got more stupid, he stopped. But now, on his Air Nation ship in the middle of Fire Nomad waters, he knew there were firebenders.

"This is Zuko," Gyatso skwarked. "You must fight the firebenders."

Sokka got his space sword and cut down the wall. "He's going to killed us!" said the firebenders.

"I'll lightning at him!" said Azula and she lightninged at him and tried to kill him. Sokka earth and waterbent at her and tried to kill her to death. But the ship sank and they were trapped, and not able to bend.

"No!" Sokka cried. "I must fight the firebenders."

"No, Sokka, you are the firebenders."

And then Sokka was a firebender.


Please note that this fanon is a parody of Doom: Repercussions of Evil. It is intentionally bad and is not reflective of my ability.

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