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Southern Water Tribe


85 AG

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Jian Sword, Boomerang

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Chief of Southern Water Tribe


Southern Water Tribe




50,000 Gold Pieces

Sokka is one of the main targets in Avatar: Wanted. After the defeat of Ozai, Sokka has led the Southern Water Tribe into an age of prosperity, rivaling that of the Northern Water Tribe.

Book 1: Black Fire

Three years after Ozai's defeat and world is at peace. Sokka is married to Suki and is the currant chief of the Southern Water Tribe. Unfortunately someone is not happy with the way the war turned and has hired a dangerous group of assassins to kill him and the rest of Team Avatar. The first one sent is a man named Nero.

Sokka's "Encounter" With Zuko

Sokka makes his first appearance in this chapter. He along with Suki were paying a visit to Toph in Omashu when Aang, and Zuko arrive. Sokka and Suki follow Zuko into alley and are mistaken for assassins when Zuko leaps out and attacks them. Sokka's scream stopped him in his tracks as Zuko realizes his mistake. As the chapter ends Sokka complains that someone has hired Nero to kill them.

Sokka's Close Encounter

In this chapter Sokka has his first battle with Nero. At the beginning of the chapter Sokka is talking with the others about Nero before they turn in for the night. The next day Nero attacks the entire team. During the fight Sokka attacked with his Jian Sword, but was overpowered by Nero's ferocious attacks. After being disarmed Sokka tossed his boomerang as a last ditch effort, and was able to strike him in the back. By the end of the duel Nero had been captured and Zuko was poised to finish him, but Aang interfered and talked him out of it. Once Nero escapes Sokka is tossed to the ground and is stomped on by Nero, breaking one of his rib. He escapes with the rest of the team when Appa saves them.

Watching Aang's Fight

Sokka becomes convinced that the Universe hates them after seeing that Nero can fly. He watches with the rest of Team Avatar as Aang duels Nero.


  • Judging by his actions so far, Sokka is still comedy relief

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