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Sokka, one of the main characters in The Weatherbenders, is the son of the Chief Hakoda, the older brother of Katara and the strategist for Team Avatar. Despite his inability to bend, Sokka is one of the team's most valuable members as he utilizes his warrior skills very well.


84 - 99 AG

Sokka was born in 84 AG to Chief Hakoda and his wife, Kya, as the first of two children. His younger sister, Katara, was born a year later. Sokka was the couple's only son.

Ten years into his life, Sokka lost his mother, Kya, in a raid by the Fire Nation. Three years later, Hakoda and the other warriors left to fight in the War. This made Sokka the man in the tribe, forcing him to train young boys to fight. Growing up in the absence of parental figures changed Sokka's life.

99 - 100 AG

While on a fishing expedition, Sokka and Katara discovered Avatar Aang in an iceberg. The three would set off on a journey to defeat the Fire Nation and end the War. This journey proved successful, helping Sokka hone his warrior and leadership skills, and eventually being a contributor in ending the War.

During the War, he met his love interest, Suki. The two began their relationship while trekking through the Serpent's Pass on the way to Ba Sing Se.

For more, see the canon Sokka article.

After the War

For his great efforts, Chief Hakoda named Sokka his successor to become Southern Water Tribe chief when the former either stepped down or passed away. He moved back here with Suki shortly after the War ended to help re-building efforts, though his girlfriend later returned to Kyoshi Island.

Neither Sokka nor his sister Katara were officially given titles of royalty. However, when the Southern Water Tribe expanded largely enough, a committee that formed amongst the two tribes officially restored the titles of Tribal Prince and Tribal Princess in early 102 AG to the Southern Tribe. Thus, Sokka was now officially "Prince Sokka", though he was not referred to this very much.

Sokka also re-acquired his boomerang, and made a new sword with Master Piandao, after losing these objects in Wulong Forest.

The Weatherbenders continuity


However, in 102 AG, Sokka was called on again to re-unite with Team Avatar when strange patterns in the weather started to occur. He was forced to leave the reconstruction so he could contribute to the new effort.


Team Avatar encountered The Meteorologists in chapter five. He and Suki fought against Baktan, though Suki later left the fight to help Katara against Kianna. Sokka fought hard against Baktan, but could not gain the upper hand. He was later overwhelmed when Zorro and Ezan performed heat manipulation.

During recovery at the Southern Water Tribe, he and the rest of Team Avatar learned of Ty Lee's death that occurred late in the battle. Further, Sokka and the remainder of the team learned that the Fire Nation had fallen to the Meteorologists.

Meeting Reeaki

When Team Avatar left the South Pole to find their Weatherbending master, Sokka saw a boat following them to the southern Earth Kingdom. He instructed his allies to keep away from it, as he recognized it as Fire Nation.

While camping in the southern Earth Kingdom, the pilot of this boat found them. This young man turned out to be Reeaki. When Reeaki explained the first half of his story, Sokka was highly skeptical, even though Sokka's sister trusted him, as did the bulk of the team.

After Reeaki had a chance to explain more of his backstory, Sokka caved and trusted him, after being convinced that Reeaki was to be their Weatherbending instructor. His trust allowed Reeaki to be accepted in.

In the Earth Kingdom

After Katara, Aang, and Zuko trained with Reeaki, Sokka went with the rest of the team to Ba Sing Se to gain advice from Iroh. After this, the team met with the Council of Five. To Sokka's dismay, he learned his home Southern Water Tribe was under siege. However, he promised to help anyway he could, but he was not overly open with the idea of going to General Fong's base to prepare for a potential battle across all nations. Regardless, he knew he would have to help.

Conflict with Zuko

Sokka got drawn into a conflict that initially broke out between Katara and Mai. After Mai shoved Katara to the ground, Sokka joined Aang in Katara's defense, but Zuko got up for Mai's defense. Sokka, Aang and Zuko fought for some time before Toph broke everything up. Afterwards, Sokka joined Aang in apologizing to Zuko and Mai.

Trusting Fong

The team then announced intentions to split up towards the nations involved in the Tri-National Showdown, with Sokka joining his sister at the Southern Water Tribe. The launching point against the Fire Nation invasion would come from General Fong's base. Sokka was still upset with Fong for what he did during the War, however, after Fong apologized to the team, Sokka forgave him and began working with him to plot a strategy.

Defending his home

On 14 September, Katara and Sokka took off for the Southern Water Tribe and met their father once again to join the fight against the Fire Nation. Also joining them were Earth Kingdom reinforcements.

On the first day of fighting, the siblings re-united with their father, and began fighting. They mostly dealt with Fire Nation forces on day one, not seeing significant action.

Sokka and Katara saw their big, battle-changing action on day two. Early in the day, they helped their side, combined with Earth Kingdom forces, sharply drive back the Fire Nation. However, Kianna and Baktan jumped in, turning the tide. The siblings, however, quickly caught their opponents and forced them into duels.

Sokka drew a fight with Baktan. Early in the battle, Sokka broke Baktan's water skin with a toss of his boomerang. After some time with swordfighting, Sokka had Baktan pinned to a wall, but the elder threw Sokka back with snow manipulation. Baktan then gained an upper hand when he drew water from the air to form his ice whips, but Sokka fought back every attempt. After the air was dried out significantly, the swordfight resumed. It came down to one final blow, and in that blow, Sokka knocked Baktan's sword away, then stabbed his opponent in the stomach. Baktan was killed, giving Sokka his victory.

He then found Katara after her fight, and seeing her shaken up, he took her to the healing huts. After that, Sokka re-united with his father and got the good news that the South Pole was safe. Once Katara was healed up, her and Sokka left to the Earth Kingdom for a reunion with the team.

Sokka shared a joyful reunion with Suki thereafter, bringing his adventure to an end.


Sokka is a staunch fighter, a proud defender of his home and the people he holds close to him. He continues to mold himself into the type of person to become a leader; as Hakoda could clearly identify when he chose him to become Southern Chief following his reign.


Sokka has molded himself into a great warrior, also capable of using a sword thanks to his training with Master Piandao. He continues to build his skills, able to take out even benders with his capabilities.

His warrior skills will be greatly needed in Team Avatar's newest fight.

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