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Sokka looking goofy
Biographical information

Water Tribe



Physical description


Hair color

Brown (Wolf Tail)

Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Sword, Boomerang

Fighting style(s)

Southern Water Tribe Warrior, Kyoshi Warrior and Swordsmanship


Team Avatar, Kyoshi Warriors, Water Tribe.


Ozai, Azula and anyone who doesn't think he's manly

Chronological and political information

Tactition, Warrior, Swords Master


Warrior, Planner, Map Reader, Son of Hakoda and Kya, Swordsman


Southern Water Tribe, Team Avatar

At the start of the series Avatar: The Life After War Sokka was 29. He had spent 5 weeks in Wulong Forest looking for his space sword. Toph, Suki and Ty Lee went with him. It was at Wulong Forest where Sokka ended his relationship with Suki and started his relationship with Ty Lee. After 5 weeks the small group were getting tired and cranky. Toph, using Seismic Sense, had found the sword. But rather than telling Sokka she had found it she decided it was better to trip him up and let him find it. Sokka claims that he had bruising for over a year after that event, as his leg fell onto a rock that Toph had moved using earthbending. He decided to conduct his search for his space sword barely a week after the end of the great war.

Sokka has now married Ty Lee which resulted in a beautiful girl named Yue who is 7 years old and another beautiful little girl named Azula who is 4. Yue looks like Ty lee did in her youth. Ty Lee is currently expecting her third child with Sokka.

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