By Agent Slash Part of the The Adventures of Team Avatar continuity.
Biographical information


Physical description


Hair color

dark brown

Personal information
Weapon of choice

Sword, boomerang

Fighting style(s)

Water Tribe warrior-style, swordsmanship


Aang, Katara, Toph, Zuko, Suki, Appa, Momo, Mai, Ai, Iroh, Kato, the Order of the White Lotus, more...


Jun, Azula, Hong Wu, Mongke, Banhen, Jin, Chao

Chronological and political information

Team Avatar, Water Tribes

First appearance

The Rise of Jun


After the War, Sokka and his friends stayed in Ba Sing Se living peacefully in their home. During the seven-month period between the War and the Rise of Jun, Sokka met up with Piandao and created a new sword. He also purchased a new boomerang to add to his arsenal. Sokka's romantic relationship with Suki grew to an even stronger point than before during this time.

One day, Sokka and his friends decided to go to the Jasmine Dragon. However, Suki was not with them and he wanted to wait. Aang and the others told him to just let her catch up which he almost had to do when she came running up to them just in time. When Team Avatar arrived at the Jasmine Dragon, Sokka asked Suki what she had been doing and she revealed to him that she missed her home of Kyoshi Island as well as her fellow Kyoshi Warriors. Sokka then agreed he would take her to Kyoshi Island but was interrupted when he and his friends witnessed a horrifying thing: the Royal Palace in flames. Sokka along with the rest of Team Avatar and Iroh flew to the Royal Palace immediately. When they arrived, the heroes proceeded inside and found the body of the severely burned Kuei. Sokka urged Katara to do the best she could to heal him but to no avail.

Very soon after, Sokka encountered Fire Nation Princess Azula who had been freed from her mental institution and after a brief confrontation, watched her flee. He and the rest of Team Avatar then decided that it was imperative to track Jun and Azula down before they could do any more harm.

Several hours later, Sokka and her friends journeyed in the Si Wong Desert so that they could find information on Jun. After a long time of searching for intel, Sokka and her friends found Fung who told them that the Order of the White Lotus had almost found Jun and his team. When they tried to leave, Team Avatar was assaulted by the Rough Rhinos. Sokka, Toph, and Mai proceeded to battle Yeh-Lu and Vachir and ended up causing the two to kill each other. Sokka and his friends left the Si Wong Desert afterwards.

After the victory in the desert, Sokka and his friends retreated to the Fire Nation Royal Palace to discuss tactics and relax. A week after they arrived, Team Avatar received a messenger hawk from Iroh that revealed the location of Jun in the Foggy Swamp. Sokka and the others left the capital and went to the Foggy Swamp. Sokka went with Suki and Toph after everyone decided to split up. About an hour after they split up, the trio was attacked by a vengeful Mongke who defeated and captured them.

When Aang later found him, Sokka and the rest of his friends were tied to a tree with their hands tied and mouths gagged. Sokka then watched the horrible sight of Aang being burned and felt great sadness during it. After Aang was teleported to the Spirit World, Sokka remained captured, hoping his friend was okay.


1. The Rise of Jun
2. The Coming of the Storm
3. A Royal Pain
4. Duel in the Desert
5. Divide and Conquer
6. Avatar Wisdom (cameo)
8. Battle in the Swamp
9. The Liberation, Part 1
10. The Liberation, Part 2
11. A Trip to Kyoshi Island
12. Rise to Power
13. Temptation
14. Cold-Blooded Revenge
15. The New Member
16. The Wrath of Xian, Part 1
17. The Wrath of Xian, Part 2
18. Making the Final Preparations
19. Battle for the Fire Nation Capital, Part 1: Death and Betrayal
20. Battle for the Fire Nation Capital, Part 2: Sons of Ozai
21. The Boy With the Swords
22. Night of the Lang Ren
23. In the Woods
25. The Return of Xian
26. Family Reunion

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