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Eager Sokka
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Southern Water Tribe



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Jian, Boomerang

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Southern Water Tribe Style


Team Avatar, Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, Air Nomads, Order of the White Lotus


Firefighters, Dai Li, Phoenix Warriors

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Warrior, Peacemaker, "Idea Guy"


Sword Master


Team Avatar

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Sokka's Training

Sokka is a main character in Avatar: Guardian. He is a sword master and the self-proclaimed "idea guy" for Team Avatar.

Before Guardian Edit

Sokka went with Aang, Katara, and Hakoda back to the South Pole to assist in the reconstruction of their tribe. He helped organize the entire project and the tribe was brought back to its former glory. He spent the remainder of his time assisting Aang, Katara, and Toph fix natural disasters around the world.

Guardian Edit

Becoming a master Edit

A month before the beginning of the series, Sokka is dropped off at Piandao's mansion, where he is going to finish his training and make a new sword. Piandao teaches him to draw knowledge from all sources, and relates knowledge and sword-fighting to the bending arts. He teaches Sokka to use bending styles to assist his sword-fighting. After Sokka masters the sword training, Piandao helps him cast another sword, but also gives him another sword, also made of meteor, to use during meditation.

Getting picked up Edit

Sokka is picked up from Piandao's house by Zuko, Toph and Katara about a month after he was dropped off. They explain the situation, and the need for him to leave. He follows the team in searching for Aang in the town, and finds the Firefighters, who he fights against bravely.

Making a plan Edit

Sokka is with the team while they rest after they fought a hard battle. He is seen making jokes about Zuko's mood, and is thrust upward by an earth wave created by Toph, which is met with a 'you deserved it' look from Katara.

Rescuing a village Edit

Sokka goes into a village along with the rest of the team looking for something to eat. He is attacked by a teenager, thinking him to be one of the waterbenders who attacked his village. Sokka goes along with the rest of the team to free his Zhentu's village. While there, Sokka battles bravely, but it generally unable to do much. He tries to fight Karno, but upon realizing that Karno was out of his league, he suggests "I think I'm better off fighting some weaker benders." He goes to the brawl that is happening farther away, and tells Aang of the battle going on up ahead, before fighting some Firefighters. He is saved once by Zhentu, who leaves shortly after.

A few days after, Sokka is shown watching Aang and Toph practice Earthbending, and asks why Aang has continued training since he has mastered the Avatar State. After getting his answer, he suggest going to sleep, which is followed by Toph and Aang. He is shocked when Toph reacts and raises and earth column to prevent attack by the Aqua Assaulters.

Sokka is seen trying to save Toph after she is almost drown by the Aqua Assaulters. He tries to fight off the Aqua Assaulters, but admits that they are out numbered, and their enemies have an advantage. He retreats with Katara, Zuko, and Toph, trying to save her. Hours later, once Toph is safe, Sokka wonders where Aang went and comforts Katara. He welcomes Aang back, and tries in vain to fight off Katas and Mitros.

Chasing Mitros Edit

Sokka leads the team into Xian, where they discover that the Firefighters have taken over the town. The team then fights against Mitros and Katas again, but are unable to prevent their escape.

After loosing his trail, Aang takes the team to the Southern Air Temple. Sokka follows Aang around, and reminisces about the first time he was there.

Sokka battles against the Firefighters at the Southern Water Tribe, taking out many waterbenders despite his disadvantage. After the battle, he speaks to Toph about how happy he was that he finally got to fight alongside his father, and knowing how proud his father was of him.

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