By Gingalover Part of the Ginga Densetsu Avatar continuity.
Sokka at Boiling Rock
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Water Tribe

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South Pole

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Kya (mother), Katara, Korra (Sisters), Suki (wife)


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Team Avatar

First appearance

Book 1: Water -

Sokka is a brave soldier from the South Pole and sibling to Katara and Korra.

He first appears at the South Pole when his sisters return with Aang and Weed. He comes to see them later on and told them that the two are up now and they went to see them as Sokka went back for guard duty. When Zuko and Alam arrive, he quickly confronts him as the tribe got ready. When Alam finds Aang, Sokka throws his Club at Zuko and fights him until Aang drives him away. When Aang and the others were ready to go, he almost didn't leave if it wasn't for his mother convincing him to leave.

At Kyoshi Island he was mainly training for a while, but got curious of Suki and went to find her. But after a bit of a "Pervy" sight, he tries to get out but Suki finds him and told him to be more quiet when doing a sneak attack. He complies and charges off, not saying any of it to GB who was training with him.

At the North Pole, Sokka shows up with Katara when they demand their sister from Blue. A fight broke out and he rushed out with GB and Ty Lee when Katara snaps.

Book 2: Earth

Sokka was more represented as a side-character until they reach Ba Sing Se. During a search to find Katara, Tom tries to tell him something with telepathic ability but all it did was cause extreme pain and he calls off the search. He shows up later during the invasion fighting off the invaders until Aang was attacked.

Book 3: Fire

Sokka shows up disguised as a Fire Nation soldier. During a stop, he boys an awesome black sword from the market and showed it to Ty Lee and Suki. He always wanted one since he was a kid and now he was very happy to get one.

He shows mainly as a side character for some time until he and Toph left to get supplies. He asked Toph if it was odd for Katara to be an Avatar, and other convresation went on until they came across Kite and was caught in a fight. He tries his best, but in the end he was knocked out and carried off, not seeing what happened to Toph.

For the rest of the Arc, he was mainly as side character status.

Book 4: Air

While on the Air Temple Islands, He and Suki snuck off at a point while Korra was going through one of her speeches, later finding out that they were making out with each other.

Later on, he and Suki were checking on where to go next from their global map when Toph comes in. It was now that he discovered that Toph can see now, and asks for her assistance. During this time, he tells Toph of Hougen's leadership, the fleets plans, and the horrifying truth of Smith's death.

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