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Sokka fights the Dai Li
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Water Tribe




84 AG

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Weapon of choice

Sokka's Sword

Fighting style(s)

Sword Fighting


Team Avatar, Southern Water Tribe


Zhao Jr., Mysterious Oranization

Chronological and political information

Chief of the Southern Water Tribe

  • Chief of the Southern Water Tribe
  • Brother-in-law of Avatar Aang

Team Avatar

First appearance

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Sokka is a character in the fanon Avatar: Energy Saga. He is also canon. He is a member of Team Avatar, Chief of the Southern Water Tribe and husband of Suki, the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors. He journeyed with Aang and his sister Katara to the North Pole where the two of them learned Waterbending together. During this time, he fell in love with Princess Yue, who later sacrificed her life to save the moon spirit and her people. Sokka went on to win the war with the rest of his comrades and bring peace and balance to the world. Following the war, he attended Katara and Aang's wedding and became Chief of the Southern Water Tribe after his father more or less retired.


Early Life

Sokka was born in 84 AG and grew up in the Southern Water Tribe, being raised by his parents and his sister Katara. He was raised during the Hundred Year War and his village suffered frequent attacks from the Fire Nation. In 97 AG, the men of his tribe went to fight in the Earth Kingdom against the Fire Nation and Sokka was left to look after the tribe, along with Katara and his grandmother Kanna.

Meeting Avatar Aang

Sokka and Katara discovered Aang, the Air Nomad Avatar who had been frozen in a block of ice with his sky bison Appa for one hundred years. After freeing him and discovering the airbender's identity, they traveled the world with him while he learned the other elements and prepared to fight Fire Lord Ozai. They had many great adventures and made new friends along the way. It is a thrilling tale which is well-known and there is no need to duplicate on this page.


Sokka was one of many guests who attended the wedding of Aang and Katara in the Southern Water Tribe.


  • Suki (wife)
  • Hinko (son)
  • Two more non-bender children
  • One waterbender child
  • Katara (sister)
  • Aang (brother-in-law)
  • Tenzin (nephew)
  • Kaddo (nephew)
  • Vameira (niece)
  • Hakoda (father)
  • Kanna (grandmother)
  • Pakku (step-grandfather)
Preceded by
Chief of the Southern Water Tribe
115 AG - Present
Succeeded by

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