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By MightyBrit Part of the Child of Destiny continuity.
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Southern Water Tribe



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Weapon of choice

Space sword (jian), boomerang, club, other Water Tribe weaponry.

Fighting style(s)

A self-made fusion of Water Tribe, Kyoshi and swordsmanship styles


Suki, Wuoyan, Liang, Aang, Katara, Yue


The Cult of Sozin, Zhao, Shaoshang

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First appearance

The Swordsmaster of Kyoshi Island

Sokka is one of the main protagonists in MightyBrit's Child of Destiny.

Before the story

After Sokka successfully helped Aang defeat Fire Lord Ozai and end the war, he briefly returned to the Southern Water Tribe to help his father, Hakoda, rebuild. With his father as the chief of the Tribe, he was set to become heir apparent, but he turned it down. He asked for the title to go to Bato's son, and then he moved away from the Southern Water Tribe to the island of Kyoshi to be with his girlfriend, Suki. Their relationship blossomed and they soon married and built a large house at the top of the island for themselves. Before long, Sokka became well known for his unique style of ingenious swordplay and young warriors from all over the world came to train with him.

During the story

Meeting his newest student

Wuoyan is seeking out Sokka from the very beginning of the story. Eventually, Wuoyan found Sokka, but the young Fire Nation boy was unimpressed as he perceived Sokka as nothing more than a mad scientist. However, after a duel, Wuoyan grew to respect Sokka and in turn, Sokka took Wuoyan as his newest student. However, Sokka was quickly informed by Liang that Yue had sent a message to him and used a Fire Nation boat that he's scavenged during the war to travel to the Northern Water Tribe, taking along Liang, Wuoyan and his wife, Suki.

Reunited with Yue

En route to the North Pole, Sokka began to train Wuoyan in the art of swordsmanship, but they were attacked by Captain Hydros of the Northern Water Tribe, who believed them to be members of the Cult of Sozin, though the mistake was quickly corrected and Hydros helped them get safe passage for the remainder of their journey to the North Pole. Upon arrival there, he was briefly reunited with Yue, who explained to him the problems that the world was going through and gave Sokka a mission to save the world by destroying Zhao as she knew he could complete it when Aang couldn't. Despite this, Sokka was unable to stop Shaoshang from kidnapping Yue.

Sokka immediately worked to rescue Yue and was able to get on to Zhao's skyship using an idea from Wuoyan. He let Suki, Liang and Wuoyan battle the random cultists outside and went on to duel Zhao in his cabin. He was able to defeat Zhao using his wits and ingenuity, but when Aang arrived and distracted Sokka for a moment, Zhao let loose a blast of fire that horribly burned Yue. Sokka was completely distraught and Yue died in his arms.


Sokka has matured since the series, but not much. He remains a fun-loving person, who likes his sarcasm, his meat and his life in general. He takes great pride in his abilities as a swordsmaster and an inventor, but is a humble man who realizes that the world doesn't revolve around him and cares greatly about the whole world around him. He is very much in love with his wife, Suki, but is still willing to run to Yue's aid when she calls for his help. He has also proved to be a strict, but effective teacher.


Sokka doesn't possess bending abilities, but he has become one of the most sought after teachers in the whole world. He has created a unique style of fighting, which incorporates elements of his Water Tribe training, which relies on multiple weapons and brute force; Kyoshi Warrior training, which focuses on agility and speed; and the swordsmanship he learned from Piandao, which is about ingenuity and cleverness. As well as his unique style of battle, he remains a talented inventor and keen strategist as well as a capable teacher and sailor.

His fighting skills and ingenuity were put to the ultimate test in Wrath of the Blackened Blade, where he battled Zhao in a fierce duel on the Skyship. Sokka was able to win the duel, proving his strength and abilities.

Behind the scenes

Sokka is MightyBrit's favorite character from the series, so he deliberately gave Sokka a lot of strength and development in his fanon. He is the character from the series who will get the most exposure in the fanon.

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