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"The Water Tribe"

Sokka is the current leader of the Southern Water Tribe and Katara's brother. Ever since his father had left, he had to keep the village from falling into the Fire Nation under curtsy of his family.


Sokka is, when not having anything important happening to him, usually sarcastic and easy going. He is a man of thought, not spirit, so he doesn't believe in small psychic games (like fortunetelling or stuff of that nature). Although mostly carefree, he seemed "transformed" once a huge responsibility is brought on him. He turned carefree and sarcastic to tense and focused, never backing down.



Young Sokka

Sokka learning to use a boomerang.

Sokka was born a year before Katara, the first child to the Water Tribe chief Hakoda. He grew up in rather rough conditions. Being brought under his father's wing, he went on and learned how to handle any weaponry he can get, in case something will come around when he needs to. His mother was worried that this'll effect his behavior later on in life, but Sokka was already liking this knowledge of weapons, which is starting to worry his mother deeply. When he turned 7, he took this knowledge to the test and snuck out with his father's bone club to hunt his own meat. He was found facing a large polar leopard with just the bone club. Before any of his parents can do anything, he managed to drive the beast away, scarring it too.

After years since this, His father decides to go and help with the war going on. Sokka didn't want him to go, but Hakoda left the responsibility of protecting the Southern Water Tribe from destruction and he remained like that since.

Book 1: Water

South Pole

Sokka first appears by the main hut soon as Aang arrives in his village. After a bit, he confronts him with a club to his face, demanding why he had arrived and who he was. When Aang answers Sokka's question as to how he found them, he doesn't believe him. When Aang adds in his experience with the Fire Nation, he reveals to him that the attack was the first in the Hundred Year War and to add further insult to injury, doesn't even think Aang is an Air Nomad despite his tattoo and cloths. It wasn't until Aang uses his airbending when Sokka starts to believe him and opens up rather quickly as he invites Aang into the chief hut.

Inside, he and Aang discuss for a while, mainly him getting to know Aang better. He asks how it felt to be stuck in an "icecube" for 100 years, joking around with Aang. He was pleased to see Katara come in when she did and when he was introducing Aang to her, he got cut off in the process. He asks for some explanation on how she knew him already, finding out it was she who released Aang. When Aang asked about the deal behind the Hundred Year War, Sokka goes into full detail on what's going on. It turns out the Fire Nation already conquered the Air Nomad islands and parts of the Earth Kingdom and are planning to go for the Water Tribe next. After explaining, he goes out of the hut so Aang can think it over.

Later on that night though, Sokka woke up when Aang snuck out of the hut and so he decided to investigate. Thanks to some eavesdropping, he found out that he was going to take Katara away, which made him lose what trust he had in Aang. When Aang and Katara came back, Sokka confronted them both, and threatened Aang with his club. However, instead of attacking on the spot, he challenged Aang to a duel to take place the next day. After that was decided, he stormed back in the chief hut, ready for tomorrow.

Sokka charges

Sokka in the duel.

Sokka had been up all night preparing for the duel and as Katara got up, he was getting his war paint ready. Katara kept trying to convince him, but Sokka paid no mind to it. An argument rang out for a while, Sokka saying he worried not just for her but for the whole tribe and if she left. In the end though, he made a deal that if Aang did beat him, Katara was free to go. Sokka showed up later, ready to fight Aang, having a spear. Before the fight could commence, Sokka told Aang to be fair, so he couldn't use his bending. He gave Aang another spear so the fight could be even. The fight soon began. However, the fight was mainly one-sided, as Sokka was doing the fighting and Aang was running. At one point, Sokka made Aang trip and was on top of him. Before he could finish him though, the guardian Aurora stopped him by ramming him into a tent. He got up and aimed his spear, only to have it sliced in two. Sokka found out now that Aang was the next Avatar and after Aurora left, finally decided to call the duel and he walked back in the hut, now ashamed of his decision.

Soon after the duel, Sokka stayed inside the hut for the rest of that morning, thinking things over, when Aang came in to talk to him. He expected Aang would show up and immediately apologized for trying to fight and nearly killing their only hope to win the war. He was relived that he was forgiven when Katara came in. Sokka spoke with his sister and wished her good luck before she left. After that though, he had doubts over his own decision. After rethinking the argument in his head, he decided to call the guards in and told them he would be leaving with the Avatar, before assigning them to protect the village with their lives until either he or his father came back.

After that, he tracked Katara and Aang to the border of the South Pole, where he found them being confronted by a polar leopard. He hit the cat with his boomerang and managed to drive it away. After that, he told them that he wanted to come along, thinking it was best, and was accepted rather quickly. Soon after finding out where they were going, Sokka mapped it out and laid a route for them to follow. With that, they headed north.

To the North

As they continued north, Sokka was still looking over his maps to figure out where to go. When Aang asked how long it was going to take, Sokka noticed the land just ahead and guided their attention to it. He did get quite a surprise, though, when the Fire Nation attacked them. When Aang asked afterwards why they did that, Sokka reminded him about the Hundred Year War still going on. When they did find a spot to land, Sokka was complaining how he thought they could go for another good while before sundown. Sokka did have too much faith in Appa, who threw him off when he laid on his side, making Sokka change his mind, so they could rest. During Aang's training, Sokka accidentally got soaked with water while Aang was trying to get it right. During their first meeting with Zuko, Sokka tried to fight them off for a bit before they managed to escape.

After they did find a spot to rest, Sokka decided to go fishing for a bit. However, it was mostly uneventful until a fish slapped him square in the face. He went out to try to catch the fish, but got hit again. Eventually, the calm man helped him out. He was given an umbrella shortly afterwards as a random yet useful gift, since seconds after Sokka opened it, it started to rain. Sokka wasn't buying it when the calm man told them about Aunt Wu's record of fortune telling and Sokka even joked as he made one himself, only turning out to be flat out wrong. When the gang did arrive, after the cloud predictions, Sokka decided to take matters in his own hands and decided to check Mt. Makapu himself. When he saw, though, he found Aunt Wu was indeed wrong, as the volcano was close to erupting!

Sokka raced back down to tell everyone about what he had seen, only to find they all, including Katara and Aang, were too deeply in belief over Aunt Wu to take him seriously. Outraged, he ran off to avoid the danger. He ran off back to the river where they had met the man and remained there until Meng showed up. Sokka then explained to Meng about his feelings towards the other villagers due to their deep belief of Aunt Wu. After talking for a while longer, he made the probably wise decision to head back with Meng to the village. Later on that night, he returned to the village and again tried to convince everyone, this time with Meng's help, and later on, Vulkan's help. When the exact eruption finally occurred, he, at first, tried getting everyone to safety, but when he heard Meng's yell for help, he blindly ran back to get her, despite the pledging from the others. He found Meng trapped and quickly got her out, saying he never leaves any friend behind. He tried to carry her out, but he ended up falling as the lava was nearly on top of them, until Vulkan saved them both.

After the events of the volcano, Sokka continued onward with Aang for a while; he tried to comfort Aang for leaving the village. He assured him that the villagers would be just fine as they found a place to land. When they did though, it didn't take long before Sokka found Aang's wanted poster. Things got more troublesome as Ty Lee started to come in and he told Aang and Appa to hide. He was stuck in talking though, which ended in his mouth agape from Ty Lee's random kiss. After being soaked by Appa with a lick, he suggested to go, but thanks to Aang's persuasion, he decided to go to the circus to watch the show for Aang's sake.

Sokka went along and they watched the show, but afterwards, he was very adamant to just go, being uncomfortable and worried about getting caught. When Aang spoke with Ty Lee, he went as far as to pull Aang away so they could go. However, Sokka again was stuck with deciding to bring Ty Lee. He agreed thanks to both Aang and Ty Lee's "puppy eyes" beg.

After flying around for a bit, they stopped in a forest. When Ty Lee was getting excited over this, he made it clear that they weren't looking for trouble and any action already was over and done. He was proven wrong though when Zuko found them again and he quickly hid away as Ty Lee spoke to him. He was exposed though after Aang revealed himself and was pinned back as a duel unfolded between Aang and Zuko. This went on until the Freedom Fighters saved them. Sokka at first declined their offer to stay at their home, but his growling stomach made him change his mind. He remained quiet from there on while the Raiu incident took place.

Sokka didn't do too much when Aang returned, other than ask a few questions; however, when Aang was brought to a Fire Nation prison, Sokka went in and, with the help of Ty Lee, went in disguised as a Fire Nation guard. It took him a while, but with the help of another guard, he managed to find Aang, who was talking to Toph in his cell. Having some fun, he told Aang to drop the glass and informed him that he'd end up being hanged, which scared Aang. Sokka then said he was kidding and revealed himself to him, telling Aang it was a part of the rescue mission. He got Aang out, but ended up bringing Toph along for the ride as well. After they got out, he asked her if she would like to come along, which she declined.

After flying for a bit, the group rested and Sokka began looking over where to go next. Sokka confirmed that Omashu would be the best option to rest and get more supplies. After that was decided though, he noticed the nomads come over. When Ty Lee and Aang asked for a mini trip, Sokka said that they needed to get to Omashu, probably their best bet. Sokka eventually agreed to go to the cave after some discussion though. After they suddenly were trapped inside, Sokka got ticked off at Chong for not mentioning the "curse" that came with the cave legend. Sokka went on leading for a while, but ended up in a dead end 3 times. At the third, he got a bone club from Appa's saddle and tried to get out himself by digging out, not wanting to stay. Ty Lee though eventually slapped him across the face, getting him back to his senses. Soon after, though, they ended up split apart and Sokka was forced to travel ahead. Those who were with him followed until they saw the same stones triggered by Katara and Aang's kiss, thus leading them out as well.

Pentapox epidemy

Sokka leading the "plague".

After hiking up the mountainside, he found the city of Omashu, but was shocked to find it taken by the Fire Nation. He double-checked his map to make sure his suspicions were right and, after finding that out, decided to just go. He tried to talk Aang into it, but Aang went in anyway. Eventually Sokka, Katara, and Ty Lee went in as well while devising a plan to drive the Fire Nation out. He showed up when Aang was cornered, pretending to have a deadly "Pentapox" disease so the Fire Nation would run off. Sokka then explained to Aang the plan on how they were going to save Omashu and went off with Ty Lee later on to help in spreading this fake infection. When all was ready, he led the plagued people to drive the Fire Nation out, but when Mai didn't buy it, Sokka ended up stripped down by her in an attempt of her to check whether or not he had "Pentapox"-markers all over his body. Sokka had planned for this and had "infected" his entire body instead of just the face, making it enough to drive her off. He was left pretty much embarrassed from there.

After they left Omashu and rested up, Sokka became witness, alongside Katara and Aang, to Ty Lee and Haru's capture. With his help, they did track them later on and were ready to go. When asked if Haru could come though, Sokka just wanted to leave before they were spotted. However, he ended up tied into a plan Katara made to help in freeing the rest of the prisoners, including Haru. He and Aang helped in gathering coal while Katara blocked off the vents so the coal would reach the prisoners' quarters.

North Pole

After going over sea for a bit, Sokka and Katara fell asleep before they realized they'd made it to the North Pole. He ended up getting soaked thanks to Appa and blamed Katara for it. This was short lived though when he realized just how close they actually were. When they arrived, he explained to Arnook what was going on as they continued back to the palace, him getting mixed feelings over seeing the princess. At the dinner banquet, he ended up next to the princess and told her a bit about their adventures before arriving there, impressing her. This kept up for a good while until they split up, him going to their new home with Aang and Katara. When Katara talked about her worries about Ty Lee, Sokka reminded Katara about Ty Lee's chi blocking and was sure she was just fine.

The following day, Sokka was out by himself to go see Yue again, a trip planned during the dinner last night. It was there that Sokka and Princess Yue introduced themselves to each other, which they didn't get to beforehand. As they were walking around the town, Sokka saw a statue of Aurora and Yue explained that it was there because it saved her life once before. He and Yue kept walking around, getting to know each other until they both noticed the duel going on back at Master Pakku's training grounds.

After that happened, Sokka and Yue went out of the Northern Water Tribe borders to get a good view of the ocean. When Yue told him about what she thought of him, he took it pretty well, since he thought she was sweet as well. During this, though, they saw signs of the Fire Nation approaching and quickly went back to the tribe to warn the others. Sokka tried to explain it to his friends, but needed to be calmed down by Katara before he could clarify. After that, they went to the palace where Sokka told the same thing to Chief Arnook.

Sokka joined the others when they went over to the Spirit Oasis. When the Fire Nation ended up too close for comfort, Sokka and Aurora decided to go fight while the others stayed to watch over Aang. On the battlefield, he managed to find Raiu and attack him, but ended up running off back to the oasis after Zuko. After a long fight there, Sokka ended up taking a hit from Raiu's lightning bolts, "killing" him.

Book 2: Earth

After the battle, Aang brought both Sokka and Katara to the healer's hut. Sokka was eventually healed after some time, saving him. He was worried for Katara as she was still unconscious from her involvement. Sokka reappeared in the Earth Kingdom soon after Aang returned to Katara. Sokka helped catch Katara up from all that had happened to them and helped her on their mission to find Ty Lee. Later on that night, when the group decided to tell ghost stories, Sokka was the first to try his shot at a ghost story, with little success. He did get freaked out when Aang told the story about the "midnight stalker", though tried not to show it. He did slightly show it just before Ty Lee and Haru showed up.

After taking off again, Sokka, out of boredom, was looking over the maps as they flew over the Foggy Swamp. He had the idea to land in it, but the others disagreed with him and Ty Lee, but Ita and Zura forced them in anyway. Sokka ended up with Ty Lee and they tried to find the others. During this though, Ty Lee scared him with a prank she'd done to him; Sokka tried to deny his fear. During this, he and Ty Lee found an illusion of Suki, who gave Sokka a kiss before vanishing, creeping him out. Soon after that, he was found by the rest of the team and tried to help them out as Ita and Zura officially appeared. Sokka was the first to try to leave, only to be stopped and called "ponytail" due to his hairstyle. He corrected the spirits, calling it a "Water Tribe wolf tail", and said they didn't have time to stay.



Thanks to the skills taught to him by his father and his own creative mind, he can use a variety of weapons to great effect. Weapons include staffs, boomerangs, daggers, swords, and a variety of others.

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