By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe, Avatar: New Universe II and Avatar: New Universe III continuity.
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Southern Water Tribe


Ba Sing Se



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Space sword




Team Avatar, Teen Titans.

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  • First - Arrival

Sokka is a Water Tribe swordsman and member of Team Avatar. For most of the year, he had been training with his master on swordsmanship and has become the best of weaponry.

Avatar: New Universe

Lost Arc

Sokka first appears after Aang announces their mission to the South Pole. As they were getting ready, Sokka gives Toph some winter boots, saying it'll help her in the South Pole and so she won't get frostbite in her feet. While Toph had them on, Sokka helped guide her to Appa and they went to the South Pole.

When they did get there, he reminds Toph that she should have bundled up for the South Pole after Toph began complaining to Nobutora. To help her out, he lends her his Water Tribe coat and help keeps her warm alongside Zuko as they got to south of the Southern Water Tribe. He too was thrown into the thin ice when they got there.

Sokka wakes up in Altonia alongside Katara and for most of the time was just trying to survive in the wilderness. Sokka too was worried about the others like Katara but he wasn't as scared and tries to comfort her. They continue traveling until Sokka stops for a brief moment after first seeing a mysterious animal behind them. After that odd incident they both were suddenly being attacked by Velociprey and were about to get killed when Tank came in and saved them both. After some talking, they agreed to go with Tank and head for the next village.

Sokka rode Tank with Katara until they got to the next village. He didn't do very much during this except getting his shoe stolen by a Boar-adillo. After a while of looking around he and Katara meet Cyborg and Aquos.

After a bit though, he, along with the others, were frozen by Krokhotep and given to Krokopathra as the trophies for the Starlight Fighting Championship. He was a bit worried when Katara and Aquos were about to fight, and tried to intervene but in the end he remained quiet.

S.F.C Arc

Sokka helped Mel and Starfire escort the other people to safety and was escorted himself during Raviente's rage.

Colossi Arc

After talking to Xerneas, Sokka was sent on his way. Duringhis fight with Gaius, he got his sword broken, but Cobalion got in and given him his original meteor sword, thus winning the fight. His other opponent, Strategus, gave him a much harder time but thanks to the help from a hawk, he not only defeated him but got his ultimate form. In his case, it's a highly skilled master swordsman.

Avatar: New Universe 2

Sokka was helping out much of the preparations for his sisters wedding. he remained quite a small role for the start and was taken away into the portal by the S.C.P.

When they did fall through, he was found by Grizz and was told to get out. However, thanks to Bob Cooper, he raced in anyway, resulting in his, Smellerbee, and Pipsqueak's capture. He was binded and wrapped up and remained that way until Ghost and Smile Dog kidnap them again.

Arc 3

He doesn't get much time from most of the story until the very end of it, where he is forced to fight Terror Blade. During his duel with him, he gets his arm severely sliced open. He tells his friends to go away, for this being his fight.

When the fight was done, and they get out, he sees Toph being brutally attacked by the guards. Despite his arm, he manages to stab the beast in the head, saving her from it.

Avatar: New Universe 3

Sokka appears when he interrupts Katara and Aang during their meditation. He was making lunch for them and asks when are they coming back. after getting his answer, he leaves on back to their home to finish.

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