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April 8, 2010

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"Sokka, Interrupted" is the fifth chapter of the fanon series Sokka's Days. It was written and edited by series creator SuperFlash101, and was released on April 8, 2010, to coincide with the release of the Better World chapter "The Will of All Mankind." In the chapter, Sokka is infected by a mysterious plant while taking a walk and begins displaying insane and dangerous behavior. It is set in early Book 2, between "Bitter Work" and "The Library."

"Sokka, Interrupted" was the first new Sokka's Days chapter since Flash canceled the series in 2008. Critical success on Avatar Wiki led to Flash reviving the series, three whole years after its cancellation. The chapter's title is a parody of the 2000 film, Girl, Interrupted. The chapter contains a plethora of a pop culture references, including references to films such as 300, Sixteen Candles, and The Silence of the Lambs.

Author's note

Hey everyone! Yeah, so it turns out this little story isn't ready to die just yet, so I'm bringing it back! I want to take a moment and thank you all for your support and praise to this goofy little thing I cooked up a good year and a half ago. So thank you all again. Oh, and this takes place in mid Book 2, between "Bitter Work" and "The Library." Enjoy and, as always, review! :)


Sokka stretched and yawned as he exited from his tent. The Gaang had been staying in the woods for while, which disturbed Sokka as it "smelled like a hog monkey's pee." When Aang asked him how he knew what such liquid smelled like, he looked darkly and responded, "I've done things I'm not proud of."

So, with his hair askew, dark bags sagging under his eyes, wrinkled clothes, and bare feet, he strutted out to the rest of the Gaang, who were huddled around what used to be a fire, though now was just some burnt sticks.

"Mornin', sleepy head," Katara smirked as Sokka sat down beside her. "How'd you sleep?"

"Gah, rough night," Sokka said, stretching and grabbing the back of his neck. "It feels like I've been sleeping, for like, 2 years, 4 months, and 7 days. Or something like that..."

"Yeah, uh, me too," Aang said, giving a perplexing look. "So, uh, have any dreams?"

"Two of 'em," Sokka began. "Both had my father in 'em..."

"Sokka, you always have those," Katara remarked, rolling her eyes.

"Not always," Sokka protested. "Sometimes they're about baby pandas."

Toph plots her revenge

Toph says she used to have a pet panda when she was 4.

"I used to have a pet panda when I was 4," Toph remarked. "He caught us some fish one day, so we ate their livers with some fava beans and a nice Chianti. It was nasty, but my dad said it was only respectable to the panda..."

"Well, you are all delightful conversation partners and such," Sokka began starting to walk away, "but I think I'm gonna go take a walk..."

Aang and Katara, meanwhile, were still staring at Toph awestruck that she ate a freaking fish's liver with beans and wine. Toph merely shrugged and remarked, "I have honestly had worse."

So Sokka strolled down through the luscious woods slyly. Then, he spotted something from afar. It was a humanly figure with long, silky black hair...could it be? Could it be a...

"HOT CHICK!" Sokka exclaimed in his head. "YEAH-AH!"

He licked his palm and slid back his hair, and struck his close-as-it's-gonna-get-to-cool look, before sauntering down to meet the attractive female.

Sokka infatuated

Sokka discovers a "hot chick."

"Now tell me, what is such an attractive individual doing in a place like this?" he flirted slyly.

"Listen, dude, I don't roll that way," said a deep voice emitting from in front of Sokka, and when the "hot chick" turned how "she" was revealed to be a large man with a long head of black hair. Behind him was a much shorter man who looked similar to him but was much scrawnier.

Upon seeing this he thought two things: "Wow, my vision is crap" and "AHH!!!!!" The latter bit he actually spoke aloud when he jumped back. And immediately the pile of leaves under him gave way and he fell into an average sized hole. At the bottom was an assortment of gooey plants and vines.

"Oh my God, I killed that gay guy!" the large man exclaimed, aghast.

"You bastard!" the smaller man shouted in response.

"Wait, I hear him moaning!" the large man said perking his ears. "That's a sign of living, right?!"

"Surest sign I know!" the small man said smiling.

"I'm coming, gay dude!" he hollered, extending his arms and torso out through the hole and grabbing on to Sokka's wrists, pulling him up quickly. "Are you okay, unnamed homosexual male?"

"," Sokka muttered, barely conscious.

"Oh no, he's delusional!" the large man yelled despairingly.

"Well no wonder! These are Kuang Plants! Ya know, the ones that make people c-r-a-z-y!"

"Oh snapz! Let's get him to his campsite!" And so they, well, did. They rushed onto the Gaang's campsite, the large man exclaiming, "Please, my name is Da, and this is my friend Xiao, and I am afraid to say that your gay companion has fallen victim to the effects of the Kuang Plant!"

"Wait, Sokka's gay?" Aang asked puzzlingly.

"Knew it," Toph said vehemently.

"Wow, imagine how surprised Suki's gonna be. Yeesh, talk about an awkward breaku-"

"Ya know guys, I'm lovin' how you both stop hearing after the gay part, because if you didn't, you'd've caught the part about SOKKA FALLING VICTOM TO SOME CRAZY-ASS PLANT!"

"You...have a point," Aang said. "So, uh...OH MY GOD, WHAT HAPPENED?!"

"He was hitting on me-"

Katara freaking out


"HE'S NOT GAY!" Katara exclaimed.

"What evs. He was flirtatiously conversing to my person when he was taken aback and fell down a hole covered with the Kuang Plant. The plant causes people to become extremely unstable and spout random nonsense."

"That's not exactly different from how Sokka is now," Toph said, "so how bad can he be?"

"All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up!!" Sokka exclaimed wildly, dropping from the Da's grip.

"Oh no, it's developing!" Xiao exclaimed horrified. "Quick, we must find go out and find the Long Root, the only thing known to cure the disease!" Don't you love straightforward plot explanations?

"I'll come with you two!" Aang said as he followed Xiao and Da deep into the woods to find the root. "Hey, before we go: why are you guys here?"

"Well, we're from the Eastern Front, and one day, we wondered: 'Why are there so many songs about rainbows? And what's on the other side?' So we asked an elder, and he just said: 'Rainbow's are visions. They're only illusions. And rainbows have nothing to hide.' But I know he's wrong, wait and see. So someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection. The lovers, the dreamers-"

"And me!" Xiao continued Da's statement, smiling a big, toothy smile and pointing his thumb as his own chest.

"...Cool," Aang said uneasily.

Meanwhile, back at the campsite, Katara and Toph approached Sokka cautiously.

"So, uh, Sokka," Katara began, "you okay?"

Sokka looked up bug-eyed. "Yeah, I'm pretty good-OH MY GOD, TOPH, YOU'RE ON FREAKING FIRE!!" He pounced on her and began scratching her hair. "Damn you, Tom Cruise, and your scientology-induced-burning-infliction on us all!!"

"Get off of me, you putz!" Toph said, Earthbending a rock into Sokka's side.

Sokka fights the Dai Li

"Blasphemy! Madness! SPARTA!!!!!"

"Blasphemy! Madness!" Sokka said as he stood up slowly and shaking; he then shot up and charged at them with a stick. "SPARTA!!!!!!" Katara bended some water and sent him back 10 feet.

"Wow, he may be insane, but he still can't fight for crap," Toph remarked. Katara nodded. Toph then bended some rock shackles to chain Sokka and the two girls dragged him over the burned out campfire and dropped him beside it.

After about half an hour of Sokka spouting nonsensical nonsense and yelling random pop-culture references, Sokka's behavior became habitual to the girls.

"Ooh. Sexy girlfriend!" Sokka exclaimed pointing at what he believed was a, well, sexy girlfriend.

"It's a log," Katara remarked.

"Curses...Ooh. Sexy girlfriend!"

"Still a log."

"Curses...Ooh. Sexy girlfriend!"


"Ooh, Sexy Girlfriend!"


Sokka gasped with happiness for a few fledging moments.

"Nope, still a log."


"Alright, when the hell are they coming back!?" Toph said annoyed. "It's been half an hour."

Right then, Aang, Da, and Xiao sauntered from the woods and entered the campsite. For some reason, Aang was dressed as a lion, Xiao was dressed as a scarecrow, and Da was wearing a tin suit.

"Oh my God! The Power Rangers!" Sokka exclaimed glowing like a star.

"So, uh...what's with the-" Katara began.

"Please, ma'am, don't ask," Da said putting his hand up to silence her. He then pulled out a dirt-covered root which was red in its tint, which was clearly the Long Root. "Mash the material into a edible mush, stir with carrots or some form of key-colored vegetable, pop in for 30 minutes on high, sate with precision, and add a dash of pepper."

"Is that what we do with the root?" asked Toph.


Da prepares to depart.

"No, it's what you do with onions in order to make my signature onion-veggie combo chowder. I just thought it'd be helpful to know for the future."

"All you have to do with the root is force it down your homosexual companion's throat," Xiao said. "But be sure to try his chowder. It's superb."

"We'll be sure to do that..." Katara said taking the root.

"Well, goodbye all. It has been delightful, but I'm afraid we must depart!" Da said, and immediately he threw a smoke bomb forcefully to the forest floor. The smoke cleared after a bit and he and Xiao were revealed to still be there, coughing violently.

"Goddamit, Da, stop *cough* using that every time we leave somewhere!" Xiao exclaimed. "You're gonna give me *cough* freaking cancer!"

"I'm sorry, Xiao, you know I'm just a sucker for theatrics..." And then they both just turned around and walked back into the woods.

"What weirdos..." Sokka said sucking on a rock like a lollypop.

"Just shut up and eat the freaking root," Toph said, taking the root from Katara and stuffing it down Sokka's throat.


Lee discovers Sokka (Sokka's Days)

"Kuno Chaos" was the original final chapter of Sokka's Days.

In 2008, following the release of the fourth chapter "Kuno Chaos," SuperFlash101 struggled to come up with ideas for chapter five. Flash came up with several drafts hoping to do this. His first draft was only a few paragraphs in before he decided to scrap it. Following that he began writing it once more; it took place after the conclusion of the series and featured Sokka and Toph going out into Ba Sing Se while Aang and Katara were on a date. This, too, was scrapped after Flash decided to instead recycle the concept as Better World. His third and final draft featured Sokka attempting to break a coconut for its milk while Toph sarcastically badmouthed him. This was eventually scrapped as well and Flash decided to cancel the series in order to work on other projects.

However, in 2010, following the immense critical success of the series on Avatar Wiki, Flash decided to restart the series, and "Sokka, Interrupted" was the chapter he decided to use for this. He found difficulties in coming up with its setting and made several rewrites in order to make sure the jokes worked in the conext of said setting. He eventually decided early Book 2 would fit, since Suki was not yet established as Sokka's girlfriend and so Sokka would be able to try and hit on what he blieved was an attractive female. Flash published the chapter on April 8, 2010, a few days after the release of the Better World chapter "The Will of All Mankind" as part of a mini-marathon entitled "Sokka-to-Me."

Cultural references

"Sokka, Interrupted" features various cultural references. Sokka's line about how long he's been sleeping is a reference to how long the series has been canceled. His line about having two dreams about his father is the exact line Tommy Lee Jones' character says in the film No Country for Old Men. Toph mentions eating a fish's "liver withsome fava beans and a nice Chianti," a famous line from the film The Silence of the Lambs. Da exclaims, "Oh my God, I killed that gay guy!" to which Xiao responded "You bastards!"; this is a reference to the animated TV show South Park.

Sokka's line, "All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up," is from the 1950 film Sunset Boulevard. He blames Tom Cruise and his belief in Scientology for Toph being on "fire," and exclaims "Blasphemy! Madness! SPARTA!!!!!!" in reference to the 2007 film 300. Da's and Xiao's reason for being in the woods is just a slight paraphrasing of the opening lyrics to "Rainbow Connection," a song from The Muppet Movie. Sokka repeadly shouts "Ooh, Sexy Girlfriend!" (a line from the film Sixteen Candles) while pointing to a log. Aang, Da, and Xiao are dressed as the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Man, and the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz, though Sokka confuses them for the Power Rangers.


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