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Sokka facepalms
Sokka's Reaction
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The Wedding of the Avatar



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A Betrothal Necklace

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Planning of the Wedding

Chapter 2: Sokka's Reaction

Today, Sokka came back from Kyoshi Island. We all looked happy to see him. I was nervous. What would he say? I hope he would be okay.

"Hey Aang. Hey Katara," Sokka said.

"Hey Sokka. I have something to tell you," I said nervously. Fortunately, he was in a good mood. I was relieved.

"Tell me," he said.

"Look, uh, Aang and I are getting married," I said nervously. He looked shocked.

"You WHAT?!" he shouted.

"We thought you'd never approve," I said. Sokka looked angry.

"What do you MEAN I'd never approve? I DO approve!" he said.

"Really? We thought you'd be mad," Aang said surprised.

"Well, I am mad that you never told me before, but I'm proud that you are engaged. And it would be an honor to be your brother-in-law," he said. I smiled.

"Great! Let's get started on invitations!" I said. We went inside and began doing invitations. I couldn't wait for our wedding.

Author's Note

Sorry about the length. I wanted to get this done as fast as I could.

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