Sokka's new sword is the 3rd chapter of Avatar: Aftermath.
Sokka's new sword
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October 28 2010

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-"So Sokka, where are we going next?" asked Aang.

-"You'll see," said Sokka.

When they landed in a small Fire Nation town, Sokka started heading up the road.

"Lee, Zuko. Come with me," Sokka said.

"Come on guys, let's go find a place to stay," said Aang to the rest of team.

As Sokka, Zuko and Lee head up the road, the rest of Team Avatar headed in the opposite direction to find an inn.

When the trio reached the end of the street, they stopped in front of a large castle. Sokka grabbed the two door knockers and banged them against the door in his usual fashion.

-"Hello, Sokka," said Piandao, answering the door.

-"Master Piandao," said Sokka bowing. "These are my friends, Fire Lord Zuko, whom you've already met, and Lee."

-"So why are you here?" asked Piandao.

-"I kind of lost my space sword," said Sokka.

-"I see," said the sword master. "Come in."

As they were walking through the court yard Lee asked Sokka "So where do I and Zuko come in?"

-"I thought you guys could use some lessons" Sokka said.

-"Yeah right!" said Zuko.

-"First, I want to see how good you three are," said Piandao stopping in the large circular training area. "Sokka, you're up first."

-"But I don't have a sword," said Sokka.

-"That can be arranged," said Piandao. "Fat, come here please."

The butler walked over to Sokka and handed him a sword.

-"I'm ready," he said, assuming fighting stance.

-"Let's see how much you've improved," Said Piandao.

Piandao lunged at Sokka, who easily blocked his attack. He swiped at Sokka's legs, who jumped over the blade. Seeing the opportunity, Sokka slashed at Piandao's neck but the sword master blocked the blow. The two exchanged blows, but neither one prevailed. Finally Piandao saw a hole in Sokka's defense. He slashed at Sokka's ribs, then he quickly changed side's, catching the young Water Tribe warrior off guard. When Sokka tried to jump over the blade he lost his balance and landed on the ground with a large thud.

-"You've improved greatly, Sokka, you are becoming an even greater sword master then me," said Piandao.

-"Thank you master," said Sokka bowing.

-"You're up next Zuko," he said.

-"Remember, no bending," said Piandao.

-"That shouldn't be too hard," said Zuko.

Zuko launched himself at Piandao, who moved out of the way. Zuko then started landing several blows on Piandao's blade. He started swinging his broad swords back and forth at the sword master.

-"Too offensive. After all, your uncle taught you to draw knowledge from the other nations."

At this Piandao launched several attacks at the Fire Lord. Zuko was caught off guard, but he managed to hold his ground. When Piandao knocked one of Zuko's broad swords out of his hand, Zuko tried to counterattack. He tried to twist Piandao's sword out of his hand, but both weapons ended up clattering to the ground.

-"You are very skilled in the broad sword Fire Lord Zuko," said Piandao. "And I imagine you are even more powerful with your bending," he added.

-"Try to beat that Lee," Zuko said, taking his place beside Sokka.

-"Let's see how good you are," said Piandao.

-"You'll be surprised," said Lee, drawing his broad swords.

Lee somersaulted into the air and landed behind Piandao.

The sword master turned around and started attacking Lee. But he easily brushed off the attacks. But no matter how offensive Piandao was, Lee was unmovable.

-"That kid is good," said Zuko.

-"Your right about that," said Sokka.

Lee went against the side of the nearby bridge and launched himself into the air at Piandao.

Piandao barely had time to react. When Lee reached him, he backed out of the way. Lee somersaulted on the ground. Piandao swiped at him but Lee blocked it. He kicked Piandao's sword out of his hand, sending it towards Sokka.

-"Hey watch it!" Sokka said, avoiding the sword.

-"Well, you are an amazing sword fighter Lee, and you must be almost unstoppable with your bending," said Piandao.

-"Master you didn't happen to keep some of the meteor did you?" asked Sokka when they were walking toward the main building.

-"As a matter a fact, I did," replied Piandao.

They stopped in the forge and Piandao uncovered a dark boulder in the corner. Sokka prepared himself for what he knew was going to be a grueling process.

While Lee and Zuko took lessons from Fat, he carefully chipped off a piece of the meteor, and placed it into a forge. He kept feeding the fire until the ore was molten. He then poured the molten rock into a mould and let it cool. It took all evening and all night, but into the morning he came in the main room with a gleaming black and gold piece of weaponry.

-"I have said it before and I will say it again, I am convinced that one day you will be an amazing sword master one day," said Piandao.

-"Thank you master," said Sokka.

As Sokka, Lee and Zuko walked out of the castle, Sokka took a bag out of his pocket.

-"Here, Lee, I thought you might want this," said Sokka, handing him a chunk of meteorite.

-"Sweet!" exclaimed Lee. He took the meteor, a piece of metal and a spare sheath and bent it into a large dagger and attached the sheath to his belt, then the trio walked back toward the town.


This chapter introduces Lee's amazing sword fighting skills.

Lee's meteor dagger will appear in future chapters.

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