So You'll Never be Lonely
Let the stars be your guiding light
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Humble Imaginations


Humble Imaginations


This fanon entails an OC character and how she deals with the death of her father, and a sweet childhood memory to accompany her in her older years.


My father used to tell me a Water Tribe Folklore. He always spoke it to me before I closed my little eyes and gone to sleep. There once was a young fisherman. He was supposedly poorer than anybody in the Fire Nation, my father always said with a light chuckle. But I always thought of that as an exaggeration. One day he left his home, leaving a family behind. His mother became ill, and the Hundred Year War had started raging on by then. The man wanted a better life, outside of gore and violence. Fire Lord Sozin's rage of tyranny spread through most of the world, except one place. The Northern Water Tribe. When he arrived, he soon met the Water Tribe Princess. Although she wasn't really beautiful compared to her sisters, the young fisherman was enamored with the princess. Soon, they fell in love, like the moon came together with the stars of the late night. But the fisherman wanted to give something to his love, and although it was nearly impossible, he wanted to give her a star. He's heard tales of others catching stars, and although they probably weren't true, the fisherman was a stubborn man, one who will prove all of those wrong, when others disapproved of his idea. Each night, when the puffy white clouds were replaced by the diamonds of the night, he threw his fishing net out to the night sky. Soon, the Sky Spirit took pity on him and let a star fall out of its place. He soon carved it into a betrothal necklace for his betrothed. When the fisherman died, the Princess, later Queen, always looked at her necklace. So she'll never be lonely.

One frightening, cold night, when I was scared from my nightmares, my father came in and gave me a blanket sprinkled with the sky gems. "So you'll never be lonely."

When I was 9 years old, he died from a heart attack.

My mother always stared at the blanket he gave me, his bittersweet words echoing throughout the house. Were those words lies? We were alone, not aligned like the stars of the night. He was there, and we were here.

My mother and I never really gotten along. She was so different from me. All we shared were the color of our eyes. That was it, really. But soon, we bonded like a true family, despite our losses. And when we looked up at the night sky, his words echoed in our heads. And we let the stars be our guiding light in the darkness.

When I grew older, I told the tale to my children, and spoke of how I managed through life despite my father's passing. As they grew up, they became stronger, more wiser, more experienced. After all my children had grown and started their own families, I soon traveled to the Northern Water Tribe.

"The stars are the brightest there," My father once said on one of our star-gazing trips, the twinkle in his eyes matching the fireflies buzzing around. Ever since that moment, it was my destiny to head over to the Northern Water Tribe.

As I watch the moon connect with the ocean, I remember what my father said once to me. We're all connected, just like the sun is to the sky.

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