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Snow Warriors
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Midori Village (Winter 100 AG)

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The snow warriors, also called snow soldiers and snowmen, were figures made of snow that were modeled after soldiers from the Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation and Water Tribes. They were not alive; they were puppets controlled by Kaligah's bending the snow that they were made of.


The snow warriors were initially created by Kaligah after she made the Frozen Heart, with which she bent snow into soldiers that would do her bidding. Kaligah planned to use them to take over Ba Sing Se, but she soon realized that as only one person, she would not be able to command enough snow warriors to accomplish her goal. She set out to find someone who could help her build a larger army.

In a Ba Sing Se orphanage, Kaligah found Aira, who she turned into a snow person, giving her the power to bend snow. Aira could create more snow warriors, but she could not wrench them from Kaligah's control. When Aira found Maya-Ar, Kaligah threatened to kill her unless Aira followed her orders.

However, Aira practiced her icebending in secret until she could control the snow warriors without too much interference from Kaligah. She built her own army of snow warriors, who she used to help protect herself and Maya-Ar.

In 100 AG, Elsi, Mihoshi and Leyka encountered the snow warriors in the forest near Midori Village. Kaligah commanded them and had one seize Leyka and drag her away, but Aira took control of that snow warrior and had it carry Leyka to her fort rather than Kaligah's. It was also at this time that the snow warriors' main weakness was revealed: fire. Elsi was able to melt them into puddles with her firebending.

Because of Aira's involvement with the snow warriors, Elsi did not trust her at first.

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