By Gingalover Part of the Ginga Densetsu Avatar continuity.
Biographical information

Earth Kingdom

Birth place

Earth Kingdom

Personal information

Animal shapeshifter, Healing music


Snow-Fox (son)


Spirit Tribe, Aang

Chronological and political information



Spirit tribe

First appearance

Book 4: Air (only appearance)

Gold-Wing and Moon-River are the parents of Snow-Fox. They only appear once in the whole story of Ginga Densetsu Avatar.

They both first appear with Snow-Fox in Moon-River's arms when Blue-Feather brought Aang to them so he can heal. Moon-River played a soothing healing melody that heals Aang fully. But before Aang can leave, Gold-Wing blocked his way and tells him to Meet Zen-Coi first before leaving. Gold-Wing guides him to Zen-Coi, and they were in the crowd when Aang left to end the war for good.

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