By Gingalover Part of the Ginga Densetsu Avatar continuity.
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Earth Kingdom

Birth place

Earth Kingdom

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Hair color


Eye color


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Weapon of choice

Teeth, agility (in animal form)

Claws (in human form)


Animal Shapeshifter


Snow-Fox's Parents


Spirit Tribe, Team Avatar

Chronological and political information

Spirit Tribe (temporary)

First appearance

Book 4: Air (GDA)

Book 1 - book 2 (GDA 2)

Snow-Fox is a former member of the Spirit Tribe and the only known Albino human in Ginga Densetsu Avatar. Like many members of the Spirit Tribe, he has an animal spirit that he can change into at anytime, for him it's a arctic Fox (at least that's what many people think). In the first story, he hardly even gets a role, if not none. But he plays a much bigger role in the sequel.

Ginga Densetsu Avatar

Snow-Fox appears in this story only as a baby, being held by his mother, Moon-River. He opens his eyes and looks up at Aang, showing his eyes already bloodshot. His only scene that he DID something was when Aang was about to leave. He didn't truly want Aang to go and started sobbing a little. He stopped when Aang decides to hand him his Southern Air Temple medallion as something to remember him by. He kept it with him since then.

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