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Snakes & Arrows
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01 March 2011

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Snakes & Arrows is the eighth chapter of the fanon series Avatar: Past Masters.


Lear and Hira go to the Spirit World, where they will try to kill Koh, with the help of Kuruk and Kyoshi.


Team Lotus was in the submarine traveling to Omashu.

-Why are we going to Omashu? – Hira asked to Lear.

-Yes, we'd like to know the plan since the beginning this time, please – Sokka added.

-We're going to visit Bumi. I want to know how to enter to the Spirit World. Bumi went to the Spirit World many years ago. He helped Iroh when Lu Ten died. – Lear said.

-Why do you want to go to the Spirit World? – Toph wanted to know.

-Ah, I almost forgot that I have to tell you that. Azula has a plan; she wants the help of spirits, she said that they're going to ask for the help of Koh, the face stealer. So, we're going to visit Koh before Azula does, and we will kill him – Lear explained.

-I don't want to go to the Spirit World, I don't like that place, there are no bathrooms there – Sokka claimed. -Me neither. I can't bend there and I won't see anything – Toph coincided. -Okay. So, Hira, are you brave? – Lear asked. -You know I don't have any reason to decline your offer, but I'd like to have one – Hira answered. -That's what I expected from you, my friend – Lear laughed.

When the team arrived to Omashu, the guards opened the doors of the city immediately. Prince Lear. Please come in, a guard said making a reverence.

-Hi, Garmo. How're you? Was your child already born? – Lear asked to the guard.

-No, not yet, Your Majesty – Garmo said.

-Good for you – Lear answered entering to the city with his friends.

-Let's go see Bumi – Lear exclaimed. He was happy to see his father.

When they were in the entrance of the throne room, Lear said:

-Wait here. I'm going to attack him.

He slowly walked into the room and he lifted a giant rock from the ground and threw it to Bumi. The guards reacted but they noticed he was the Prince. The King smashed the rock in the air and he created an earth sink that Lear immediately avoided, then, the Prince bent the metal of the walls and close Bumi in a metal armor.

-Hahaha. You've defeated me again, Lear. I'm so happy to see you – the King said laughing and while he was breaking the metal.

-This is the third time I win, but you're still winning 5-3 – Lear laughed.

-So, what are you doing here, son? – his father asked.

-I've come with Hira, Sokka and Toph to ask you something – Lear told him, and then he said to the team – You can enter now. I won.

They saluted Bumi.

-What do you want to know? – Bumi asked.

-We want to go to the Spirit World. How can we do that? We need to kill Koh – Lear told to his dad.

-Hahaha. Do you want to kill Koh? That's not an easy work. Okay, the easiest way (though is a difficult way) is through the concentration. You have to meditate until you leave your body and you'll be in the Spirit World – Bumi explained.

-How much time does it take? – Hira asked.

-The last time I did that, I was three hours sitting – Bumi remembered – But it can take even days if it's your first time.

-It's okay. Hira and I can do that – Lear said.

-Aren't Toph and Sokka going to go with you? – Bumi found it strange.

-No, they are not – Lear answered.

-You'll need help, then. Look for help when you're there – Bumi advised.

After ten hours trying to go to the Spirit World, Lear and Hira could enter.

-Lear, we did it, right? – Hira asked.

-Yes, try to bend.

-I can't – Hira said after he tried to create a fire blast.

-As Bumi said, we'll need help. He meant we have to look for Kuruk. Let's go to find him. We also need weapons because we cannot bend; he must have some weapons – Lear deduced.

Lear and Hira started walking through the Spirit World. Suddenly they saw Avatar Kyoshi.

-Look, Lear, there is Kyoshi.

-Oh, Kyoshi. Where?! – he was really excited.

-There. Why are you so happy to see Kyoshi?

-Because, in my opinion, Kyoshi was the best Avatar and she's the greatest earthbender ever – Lear opined.

-Really? I didn't know that you think that there's somebody better than you – Hira laughed.

-Of course. My father and Kyoshi. I admire her; I've always wanted to meet Kyoshi. Let's salute her.

-Avatar Kyoshi. It's a pleasure to meet you – Lear started.

-Ah, Lear and Hira. I know you – Kyoshi knew many things about the real world.

-We are looking for Avatar Kuruk. Have you seen him? – Hira asked.

-No. But I can help you if you want – Kyoshi offered her help.

-Thank you very much, we will need help. We need to kill Koh, so we still need to find Kuruk, we know that he has tried to do that many times and he could give us some advices and he will want to help – Lear explained.

-Yeah, sure, I'll go too, I'm a little bored now – Kyoshi decided.

The trio started looking for Kuruk. After a silence of thirty minutes, Lear said to Hira:

-Hira. I know what happens with you. I mean, about Toph.

-What do you mean? – Hira felt a shiver going through his body - I knew it. I knew he would notice it. Well, I can't do anything now, he already found it out, he thought.

-I know you're in love with Toph – he continued.

-And? Good, you found it out. Congratulations. You're right – Hira was angry.

-No, I want to help – Lear explained.

-You? – Hira laughed – How? – Hira looked at him strangely. He was not sure if his friend was joking or not.

-Well, you have not told anything to Toph. I think it's because you are not sure that how she will react. So, I've noticed that she feels the same about you. You must tell her – Lear lied.

-Okay, thank you. But, why are you doing this? Why are you trying to help me?

-I'm not helping you. I'm helping you and Toph. And, it's because I want. You've been suffering all these days because of her. And you wouldn't do anything if I wouldn't tell you this – Lear lied again.

-Okay, I know that's not possible, you are doing this for something else.

-Why do you think I am so selfish?

-Because I know you. So, what's the reason? – Hira insisted.

-Okay, you're not helpful if you're thinking in Toph all the time. You'll be distracted in battles and... you know. That's not helpful to me. A great philosopher said one day: "you can't be in love and wise at the same time". Do you know who said that?

-No. But, now, do you know why I think you're so selfish? – he made a pause –. Thanks anyway.

-Can you be silent? – Kyoshi said – We're not here to talk.

They kept walking, until Kyoshi saw Kuruk.

-There he is – she indicated.

-What is he doing? Why does he have a spear? – Hira asked.

-As you said, he's looking for Koh – Kyoshi told him – Hey, Kuruk! – she shouted.

-What? Later, I'm busy now. I'm trying to find Koh.

-Lear and Hira are here to help you – she explained.

-We're here to kill Koh, not to help him – Lear clarified.

-Okay, then – Kuruk said –. Let's go. I don't know where is he right now.

-Wait – Hira interrupted –. We don't have weapons.

-I have some weapons in my weapons cave – he said –. Let's go.

When they arrive to the cave, they saw hundreds of weapons made by Kuruk in the floor. He had swords, spears, arrows, clubs and many other kinds of weapons.

-Take what you want – he said.

-They obeyed. Lear took a quiver with 11 arrows, a bow and a sword. Hira took a cross bow, a rounder and 7 rocks. The Avatars didn't take anything, Kyoshi had her fans and her katana, and Kuruk had the spear. When they were ready, the group continued the search. Some minutes later, Hira asked to Kyoshi:

-What happens if I die here?

-You die - she said.

-And what happens if you die here? – he insisted.

-Anything. I can't die because I'm already dead – she explained.

-So, how can we defeat Koh if he is a spirit too? – Hira asked again.

-You don't know anything, right? Of course we can't kill him here. He has to go to the physical world and express himself as an animal or a human. So, you have to convince him or cheat him – Kyoshi answered.

-Cheating is better – Lear interrupted.

-How are we going to attain that? And why are we going to use weapons if we're not going to kill him here?

-Stop making questions, kid – Kyoshi said, but Lear answered.

-We cannot kill him, but we need the weapons to defend ourselves if he attacks. We'll have to think something to cheat him or "convince" him to go the real world – Lear said.

-Ah – Hira understood and Kyoshi didn't say anything else, she didn't want to answer more questions.

Then Lear thought there was an obstacle, but he decided to avoid it.

-Hira, you can't fake a face without feelings because you're in love – Lear said.


-It's impossible. I can notice that your face shows feelings.

-Okay. You have to go with Kuruk, then? – Hira said sadly.

-No. Don't you want my mask of Tetsu?

-Who's Tetsu?

-Take – Lear gave him the mask.

-Ah. You're Tetsu.

-I was Tetsu.

Though Kuruk had been trying to kill Koh for many years, it was difficult to him to find his whereabouts, due to the ability of the face stealer to manifest himself as different creatures, he could transform himself into an animal or a human. But he was always recognizable for his face absence.

-There's a bird with no face – Lear pointed.

-It's not Koh – Kuruk said –. That bird is blind, he cannot see because he has no eyes. Koh, even if he has no face when he is an animal, he can see, he can smell and he can talk.

-Oh, that's good information. It will be easier now – Lear continued.

They were in a swamp. There, they found a lot of animals in a swamp, but when the group saw a serpent without face, Lear took a rock and threw it to the animal. The serpent moved to the left and eluded it.

-That serpent can see! – Lear shouted – He is Koh.

-Catch him! – Kuruk cried out.

Lear took an arrow from his quiver and shot it. The animal was injured but he was alive, he could not die. Koh changed his body to his real form and with one of his paws he took out the arrow from his back. Hira immediately put the mask of Tetsu.

-Coward! Show your face – Koh shouted.

-He doesn't want to do that – Lear said with no expression in his face.

-Why did you attack me?

-We wanted to make sure that you were that serpent – Kuruk interrupted.

-Oh! Kuruk! You again. I had not seen you. So, you are still trying to save Ummi, right?

-Right. I have tried to save her many times but I can't do that if you're alive, and I can't kill you and you can't kill me. That's why we want to make a deal – Kuruk explained.

-What deal? – Koh was interested.

-You have to go to the physical world. There, you fight with these guys. If they win, I mean, if you die, I can save Ummi and all the people whose faces have been stolen. But, if you win (if you kill Lear and Hira), you will take my face and Kyoshi's face and you can add them to your collection.

- Hahaha – Koh laughed –. It sounds good. But I want two conditions. First, I will fight only against one person, it would be unfair if I fight against they two.

-I'll do it – Lear decided. Hira didn't say anything, he knew that his friend wanted to fight.

-Okay – the Face Stealer laughed again –. Second condition: If I'll have to go to the physical world, I'll choose the form I want.

-It's okay – Kyoshi accepted –. But you can't change your form during the battle.

-I don't need to change it during the battle. I accept your deal. So, when will the duel start?

-Tomorrow – Lear told him –. Nine o'clock in the morning in Omashu.

-I'll be there. Wait, I need to know something to decide my form: are you a bender? – Koh asked.

-An earthbender – Lear answered.

After Hira thanked the Avatars, he and his friend returned to the Omashu Royal Palace. Bumi, Sokka and Toph were waiting there.

-So...? – Sokka wanted to know.

-Lear will fight against Koh tomorrow at nine o'clock in the morning here – Hira informed.

-What? – Sokka exclaimed surprised and Bumi laughed.

-You better start thinking, Lear – advised him the King.

-I know – he answered and went to his room to think.

Five hours later, Hira entered to the room.

-Are you still thinking? – he asked.


-Why did you say the truth when he asked if you were a bender? I thought you were going to say that you were not, or a firebender.

-I said I'm an earthbender because many people (and spirits) think that the debility of all earthbenders is the air or were the airbenders. But not for me. Bumi met many airbenders when he was a child and he has taught me how to fight or defend myself if I fight against one.

-Why would Bumi teach you that if there are not airbenders now?

-Aang is an airbender. Who knows? He may become evil one day. And it's useful, because if Koh decides to be an airbender tomorrow, I would be ready. Also, he knows I have never fought against an airbender.

-But you can't be sure if he will be an airbender, an earthbender, an animal.

-No, that's why I'm thinking. I have to plan a strategy for each option.

-Okay, I leave you alone.

Next day, Bumi and Team Lotus were in the duel room of the palace. At nine o'clock a middle-aged man appeared. He was Koh, Hira looked at his purple clothes but it was impossible to know what type of bender he was. He had no hair in his head. He was tall and had big muscles.

-I'm ready – Koh said and Bumi and Lear's friends left the arena.

-Let's start – Lear said smiling.

Flying boulder

The rock held in the air by Lear.

Koh created a giant air ball and shot it, but Lear disappeared under the earth and appeared behind him. The face stealer jumped away from him and opened his mouth accumulating air and blew it towards Lear. But the earthbender made a wall and blocked the attack. Then he made levitate a huge rock and held it there in the air while he continued the duel. Koh was elevated by an air spout and approached to him, from the top he started creating air blasts, but Lear made an earth armor and a shield, he was elevated to by an earth column, there he noticed that the roof of the room had small pieces of metal. He took out this pieces and merged them so he had a big pointed bar, then he remembered the rock he was holding in the air and threw it to the spirit, Koh was hurt because the rock hit him and was broken when it touched his body, in that moment, when the face stealer was falling down to the ground and the air spout had disappeared, Lear used the metal "spear", he flung it to him and the weapon pierced his chest. The earthbender came down and saw the spirit die instantly.

Bumi and the rest of Team Lotus entered to the arena and celebrated the victory. The King checked Koh; he was actually dead.

-I don't know if Kyoshi and Kuruk already know that you won – Bumi said, Hira had explained him the deal last night.

-Well, they'll know – Lear supposed.

In the Spirit World, Kuruk was sitting in the ground of a cave making a new spear when he heard some steps outside. He took another spear and tried to see who was there. First, he saw the feet of a woman, he moved his head to see her face and learned she was Ummi. She also had seen Kuruk. He got out of the cave and ran towards her. The Avatar took Ummi in his arms and kissed her. "Lear won. Thank you," he thought.

Next day, Azula appeared in the Spirit World and met Kyoshi.

-You're late – the Avatar said –. Koh is dead.

Team Lotus prepared to leave Omashu. They said good-bye to Bumi and entered the submarine.

-It was a good visit to Omashu – Sokka said.

-Do you think Azula already knows Koh is dead? – Toph asked.

-I think so – Hira answered.

-Don't worry, she'll know late or early – Lear commented –. And she also will die soon.

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