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May 27th, 2016

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Important note up front: there will be explicit scenes in this story. Read at your own risk.

-"Get ready, we're going out tonight."

Asami looked up from her game of Need for Speed, resisting the urge to flick her cigarette at Opal. "Nah, don't feel like it. You go, I'll be fine."

Opal sighed. "Asami, you haven't felt like doing anything since you broke up with Mako. All you do is sit here in your underwear, smoke cigarettes, play videogames, and wait for me to come home with another bottle of scotch for you."

Asami scoffed. "He had been cheating on me for nearly six months, in my own bed even. Yes, I suppose everyone else would just dust themselves off and go on like nothing ever happened."

Resigning to the fact that yelling wasn't going to get her anywhere, Opal sat down next to her roommate, wrapping an arm around her. "I'm not saying that you can't be angry at him, or frustrated, or sad even. You were together for three years, but you haven't been feeling anything at all. You need to get laid and feel better about yourself, at least for a little while. If nothing else, do it to get back at Mako."

Sighing, Asami blew out another puff of smoke. "Maybe," she reluctantly agreed.

-"Here's what we're going to do: you are going to take a shower, because you sorely need one, then we are going to dress up in slutty clothes and get you laid. I'll be your wingman, but you have got to get out of the apartment. You're practically a part of the furniture."

This made Asami smile, at least. It was a faint smile, but it was something. "Alright, but I call dibs on the shower. You're not going to use up all the hot water before me."

Opal smiled, too. "Fair enough. Now get ready, because I know exactly where we need to go."

Asami crushed the butt of her cigarette in the ashtray, before slumping over to the bathroom. A look in the mirror confirmed what Opal had said: she looked like shit. Her hair was greasy, mostly because she hadn't showered in... well, it had to be at least three days. She was wearing an old white tank top that had many, many stains of unknown origin, along with a pair of men's boxers from who knows where.

She had been sleeping on the couch after she caught Mako with some slut in Asami's own bed three weeks ago. They had been together for nearly three years, and Asami was considering asking him to move in together. Good thing she didn't, but mistakes had already been made, one of which she was forced to confront when she stripped for the shower.

Asami had plenty of tattoos that she was perfectly content with: the elaborate design of the Future Industries logo on her left shoulder she got after her dad died, the barbed wire cuffed around her bicep just underneath it, the 'Not all those who wander are lost' on her ankle, the butterfly on her right shoulder blade, but the one she regretted was the one she got as a love-struck idiot: the heart with 'Mako' written in it on her hip.

Luckily, the heart was red and the letters were simply left blank, so it should be a fairly easy job to cover it up.

Even though she hated to admit it, getting a shower again after so long was heavenly. Feeling clean hair drape over her shoulders again had been far too long, and not feeling a little bit of sick rise in her throat when she smelled her own armpit had its benefits as well.

Shower over and teeth brushed, Asami wrapped herself and her hair in towels, making her way over to her room, the one she hadn't set foot in for nearly three weeks. In it, she found Opal going through her closet, discarding clothes left and right.

-"Too brown... Too modest... Good lord, were you dressing up as a 50s school teacher?" Opal mumbled, throwing all kinds of clothes over her shoulder, unaware that her roommate was done showering and currently watching her.

"Ahem," Asami announced herself. "Are you just making a mess or actually trying to do something useful?"

Opal looked up and smiled. "Like I said, you need something slutty, because all you need right now is an easy lay."

"What image do you have in your head of me?"

-"We're going to a sleazy bar, not to Mass. All you have in your closet are clothes that any clergyman would approve of."

Asami sighed. "I left most of my clubbing-clothes at Mako's place. He probably gave them to the slut he was fucking instead of me."

Opal put her chin between her thumb and index finger. "Hmm, that is a pickle..." Suddenly, her smile changed for the devious. "Come with me." She walked off to her own room, dragging Asami by the wrist behind her. Here, she dug through the closet, pulling out various sets, and this made Asami increasingly skeptical.

"Opal, you are three sizes smaller than me, I can't go in your clothes."

-"Of course you can, all you need to do is dare to. Aha! There we go!" Triumphantly, she pulled out a dark red crop top with buttons on the front. It was rather minimal, even when someone of Opal's size was wearing it.

Asami raised an unconvinced eyebrow. "You're kidding, right? Ope, if I wear that, my boobs are gonna pop out every time I take a step."

-"That's why it's perfect! No need to get rid of a lot of pesky clothing once you have someone hooked. Go and change into it, and make sure to wear a pair of black hot pants underneath." Asami hesitated, and that's when Opal got impatient. "Go!"

With a roll of her eyes, she took the top and went to her room to change.

-"And I better not find you wearing a bra!"

"For fuck's sake..." Asami muttered, starting to regret more and more that she had given in. She dug through the pile of clothes now on the floor, finding herself a pair of panties, small hot pants, and a belt to top it all off. Getting into Opal's top was damn-near impossible, and even if she wanted to wear a bra, she wouldn't have been able to because the top would have exploded. As it stood, it was only impossible to get the bottom button to close.

It would do like this. Since she was going for a 'badass' look, Asami pulled out her spiked leather armband and matching necklace, as well as her army boots. They weren't very stylish, but wearing them when they were only laced half-way up, they did look cool in a slightly fascist kind of way.

When she stepped out again after having applied nice and dark make-up, she found her roommate waiting for her in her infamous 'hip window'-dress. What it basically was, was a green cocktail dress with openings on the hips, which revealed three things: the Beifong family crest tattooed on her left hip, the swans on her right hip, and the fact that she wasn't wearing any underwear. "You're just planning for things to go wrong tonight, aren't you?"

Opal chuckled. "Don't worry, if you end up in an embarrassing situation, at least you won't be alone. Shall we?"

It was obvious to Asami that her roommate had this entire thing planned, so the best thing she could do, was to go along with it for now. They hailed a cab, which was probably the best mode of transportation for two women who were both planning on getting wasted.

Once Opal said they were at the venue, Asami looked out, seeing it was indeed a very sleazy bar. Once they were out of the cab, Asami first lit another cigarette, hoping to buy herself a few minutes outside, but Opal had thought of that. "Uh-uh, they don't have a smoking policy here. Come on, finish it inside."

Inside was precisely what Asami had expected: the smell of smoke, sweat, and stale beer. Could be worse though, there were also bars that smelled like piss and vomit, so this would do for now. Opal quickly went to order them a beer, which gave her a chance look around. There was the bar, the dance floor, and at first glance, no one who really caught her attention, neither guys nor girls. Hell, most of them were more boys than men, she'd say.

-"Any contenders?" Opal suddenly appeared behind Asami again, handing her a beer and a shot.

"Nope, only ones that would make me guilty of pedophilia." She decided to down the shot first, and then calm her mouth down with a sip of beer. This continued for a while, taking multiple shots, looking around for contenders, until they were both fairly buzzed, Opal more than Asami. Opal was a lightweight.

She chuckled. "There's a cute guy at the bar." Asami turned around, trying to find him. "Green tank, cute buns, button nose." She spotted the one her roommate meant and saw that he was insanely muscular, even though he was quite short.

"Don't bother. Bet you ten bucks he's gay."

-"I will take that bet!" Opal exclaimed. "What makes you think that..." The rest of her sentence was lost to Asami, as a woman came walking up to him, and damn. This was the kind of woman she was after right now.

She had short hair and relatively dark skin, but it was perfectly stretched over a very muscular body. In her hair, there was a blue bead, and closer inspection learned her that she also had a nose piercing. She was dressed in a white tank top that accentuated her toned body and a short skirt that revealed her deliberately torn stockings, all of which made her look smokin' hot. On top of everything else, there was a tribal band cuffed around her right bicep.

She handed the guy in the green tank a beer, but judging by the way they interacted, they weren't together.

By now, Opal had noticed that Asami was staring, and she followed her gaze. "Oh boy, target acquired."

"I'll say..." Asami mumbled before she really knew what she was saying.

-"Alright, let's do it. You take yours, I'll find out about the guy."

They moved in, positioning themselves so that Opal was next to the guy, and Asami next to the woman she was after. "Evening," the latter opened with a cocky smirk.

"Hi there." Asami smiled, as she now got to dig into her vast supply of bad pick-up lines. "So... Is it hot in here, or is it just you?"

This made her laugh. "That would be me, is my best guess. You, on the other hand, are also a good contender."

"Hmm, smooth," Asami complimented, as she felt her gaze over the tattoos on her arm. "I'm Asami."

-"Korra," she replied. "So what brings you here?"

"My friend, who is currently wingmanning for me." She nodded to Opal, who was in a very animated conversation with the muscular guy.

Korra smiled. "You know, that typically works best when you don't tell the primary target."

At this, Asami simply shrugged. "Meh, you seem like the no-nonsense type of girl. Figured I'd try a no-nonsense approach."

-"Like your thinking," she said with a 'fair enough'-pout on her lips. She looked over to her friend, and a smile grew on her face. "One question though: why are you saying she's wingmanning for you, when she is also getting the long end of this deal?"

Asami looked over, seeing that Opal already had her tongue down his throat. "Damn, that just cost me ten bucks."

Korra chuckled. "What, you bet that you got to get some action before she would?"

"Nope, bet that your buddy was gay." She took a drag of her cigarette to wash away the taste of the loss.

-"Well, he is. Kind of. He's bi. Unlike me, I'm actually 100 percent batting for the home team." She traced her finger over the barbed wire on Asami's arm. "As for you, I haven't decided what to make of you."

Asami smiled, as another bad pun popped into her head. "If you'll let me, I can make it out pretty clear," she smirked. Korra smiled too and pulled herself up by Asami's neck, pressing their lips together.

The kiss was sloppy and messy, and Asami really couldn't give a fuck. Korra tasted good, same hint of cigarettes she knew there was on her own breath. Made sense really, she was nearly through with her cigarette. Also, to make it even better, Korra appeared to have her tongue pierced. She broke away, and Asami took their moment of silence to take a drag.

Korra used it to light one of her own, taking a single drag from it before moving back a bit, eyeing Asami up with a smirk. "Tell me something: are you here for the cheap drinks, the good laughs, or the easy sex?"

Asami smiled. "All three." Before she really knew what was going on, she was being led to a hallway in the back, only this time it was Korra dragging her by the wrist instead of Opal. The tan woman pushed Asami against the wall, hungrily smashing their lips together. Asami surrendered herself completely, because the way Korra took control of the kiss was great.

She slipped her tongue inside Asami's mouth, wrestling for dominance even inside of her, only Korra lost that fight. The taller woman lifted Korra by her legs, who had only one arm free to stabilize herself on Asami's neck, as she had to use the other one to hold on to her cigarette. The kiss deepened further, mostly because Asami made sure their faces were level, and neither want to break apart for the world.

That was, until they were rudely interrupted by a couple of boys wolf whistling at them.

-"Hey!" Korra shouted. "Don't you have internet?"

-"Live is always better," one of them sarcastically replied.

"Then watching is as close as you're going to get," Asami added, before Korra dragged her away to the exit into the alley.

The alley was kind of gross, as it was being used for trash. The dumpsters and trash cans were right there, but right now, neither one of them cared, as they were preoccupied with the other.

This time around, it was Asami who pushed Korra against the wall, letting her hand slither underneath the tanned woman's top, and it did not disappoint. Korra's abs were rock-hard, and even without seeing, Asami could feel their definition. What's more, she could even feel that she appeared to have her belly button pierced as well.

"How many of these do you have?" Asami panted, already short of breath due to their intense make-out session.

-"Plenty to go around," Korra smirked back, before she leaned in to nibble on Asami's earlobe. "And I'll get you to kiss all of them tonight..."

With a content sigh, Korra sat next to Asami, leaning in for a light. They sat in a companionable silence for a while, simply smoking their cigarettes in their post-coital bliss. Fortunately, Asami's hot pants were still within reach, so she pulled them back on, only to discover that all the buttons from her (Opal's) top were ripped off, save for the bottom one.

This sigh was more in annoyance, but Asami buttoned it closed anyway, leaving a massive cleavage.

Korra looked down as well, a sheepish smile on her face. "Sorry about that."

"No, you're not."

-"You're right, I'm not." She reached over for her own skirt, slipping it back on, before adjusting her top again. "But then again, I won't feel very guilty about it, considering that I have to go home with less clothes than I left with too."

Asami thought for a moment, before nodding. "Yeah, okay, I can agree to that."

Korra chuckled. "You have another reason for just going to a bar and fucking a stranger, and you haven't told me. Care to, or should I just leave, feeling content that I literally fucked someone in the trash?"

This made Asami laugh. "Well, no, my roommate convinced me to come with her to get over my ex. Caught him cheating a few weeks back."

-"Ah. Did it work?"

She chuckled. "Well, yeah, I feel very good right about now." It briefly fell silent again, during which both women took a drag of their respective cigarettes. "Now what?"

-"Now we go home, have a shower, and you phone your ex that you let a girl fuck your brains out."

"Sounds like a plan." Asami stood up, closed her belt, collected her stuff (somehow her phone had ended up on the wrong side of the alley), and pulled Korra to her feet as well. They walked back into the bar, hand in hand, but already ran into Opal in a hallway with a black light, and it made Asami smile.

-"Did it work?" Opal asked, sounding curious.

"Did what work?"

-"Don't play dumb with me, Asami. You have sex hair," Opal smirked.

"And you have cum on your dress," Asami countered, pointing at the glowing spot right above Opal's left boob. She looked down, and furiously started blushing, something Asami could see, even in the dark. She also slapped her hand over the spot, trying to mask it. "I won't say anything if you won't," Asami offered.

-"Fine, let's just go home," she replied, quickly making her way to the exit.

Asami turned to Korra, probably for the last time. "Thanks, Korra. It was good fun."

Korra nodded. "Yes, it was. Want one for on the road?"

"One what?"

Before she really knew what was happening, Asami felt Korra's lips pressing against hers, pulling her in for one final kiss. Because it would be the last one, Asami decided to make it count, stretching it out until she had to break away for air. "Good luck, 'Sami."

"You too, Korra." And with that, she was off to her taxi, back home with Opal.

The following morning, Asami woke up with a splitting headache and feeling like death in general. It had been a while since she had been out like that, and judging by her current attire of nothing (save for one sock), not something she'd be repeating. Fortunately, drunk-Asami had had the sense to close the curtains of her room, and now hung over-Asami was forced to look for the nuisance that had woken her up.

It turned out to be her phone, which was on her nightstand. Someone had set the alarm, and the first thing Asami did was make a mental note to kill that person, until she actually saw the message attached to it.

"Figured 10 am is late enough. Had fun last night. xxx Korra. PS. if you want more fun, my number is 555 832 9034."

Asami smiled, and suddenly her hangover didn't seem so bad anymore.

I wrote this after coming across KrashZone's version of Korrasami. Google at your own risk. ;-)

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