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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Boiling Rock
Smoke of the Fire
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Avatar: The Last Airbender

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This is my first fanon writing, so I'm not going out of my way to make the page designs extravagant or anything. I also don't have the entirety of this story planned out, as I'm a go-with-the-flow sort of writer (this does not guarantee that all of my writings will be like this). This also means I'm uncertain of how many chapters I will write, when they will be released, et cetera. However, I will surely make notifications when chapters are released. Enjoy!


Ninshao, Tairi and Renzai never imagined that escaping the Boiling Rock would be so... easy. Since the first prisoners managed to escape the volcanic island a decade ago, the Boiling Rock has never been more secure. Was it a mere stroke of luck that the fugitives had a clean get-away, or had they simply outdone themselves? Regardless of these lingering ideas, though, the fugitives have greater concerns- hiding their identities. As of right now, these three escapees are the most wanted criminals in the Fire Nation. What's worse, the crew is burdened with two fugitives from a separate Fire Nation prison that threaten to turn them unless they accept the pair into the group.

With nowhere else to go, the crew migrates across the Fire Nation, exploring new locations and seeking refuge in unfamiliar towns, all the while fleeing from the pursuit of the Warden and Fire Nation soldiers and bounty hunters. As the crew treks across the terrain, though, they learn more about themselves and begin to recognize something they've neglected for so long- their destinies.


Tairi (Ty-ree) - Tairi is a Fire Nation citizen hailing from the grand, tranquil city of Shu Jing. Tairi, covetous and spontaneous in nature, never intended to make a costly habit out of "borrowing" from the rich, but having come from humble beginnings, their luxuries prompted her to steal, particularly from the man she worked for: a one Master Piandao. It was Piandao's swift act of justice that planted her in the Boiling Rock Prison, and to this day, she holds a grudge against that politic aristocrat.

Ninshao (Nin-shaw) - Ninshao was a simple farmer from Ba Sing Se until Omashu was conquered by the Fire Nation. He left everything from his old life behind - his bad temper being the exception - and departed to Omashu to participate in the resistance. After the resistance failed, though, the earthbender was transported from a local prison to Boiling Rock as a prisoner of war...

Renzai (Ren-zi) - Renzai, the street urchin of Fire Fountain City, made a living off of other citizen's food and possessions. Renzai's parents were killed in a landslide in He-Cho, Hama's village, and Renzai has resented earthbenders since that dreadful day, suggesting that the landslide was their doing. He left He-Cho and moved to Fire Fountain City, where he was later arrested for theft and aggression toward citizens. Renzai's only true desire is to escape the Boiling Rock, despite having nowhere to go afterwards.

Mayka ("Micah") - Mayka is a waterbender that the crew encounters during their journeys. Her story is that she was mistaken for another waterbender from the Northern Water Tribe that has been stirring up trouble in the Fire Nation, and was therefore imprisoned in the Capital City, where she met Shenzu. The pair were escorted out of the prison during a prison riot by a shady figure who later abandoned them while they were sleeping one night.

Shenzu (Shin-zu) - Shenzu is a firebender from Fire Fountain City that the crew encounters during their journeys. His story is that he was framed by his eldest brother for murder; he was held in the Fire Fountain City for interrogation, and was later relocated to a Capital City prison because he wouldn't cooperate. Here, he met Shiyu and escaped with the waterbender several months after he arrived.

Warden Qito (Ke-tow) - Warden Qito, the bitter warden of the Boiling Rock, has a loathing for all his prisoners. More than that, though, he resents those that attempt escape and goes out of his way to make their lives miserable. When Tairi, Ninshao and Renzai manage to escape, Warden Qito makes it his ambition to track them down and give them a penalty that will send a message to all of the Boiling Rock prisoners- no one swindles the Warden.


Chapter 1: A Fiery Passion

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