Kuzon By kuzonkid7 Part of the The Lost Air Temple continuity.
Biographical information

Mystery man, Spirit spawn


Spirit World, Fire Nation

Birth place



Ember Island







Physical description



Tall, skinny





Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Bending style(s)



Sending stuff to the Spirit World


???, ???


Gatton, Sven, Baizken, Amax


Raingeous, Bard

Chronological and political information
  • Circus Performer
  • Prisoner of the Fire Sages

Ember Island Circus, Fire Nation




Wanted alive by Raingeous

Smoke is an unknown man from Fire Nation.



Smoke was born to unknown parents in the year 832 BG. His mother wanted nothing to do with him and Smoke's father was left alone to take care of Smoke. His father could not raise a child and work at the same time; so, he left him on door step of Ember Island orphanage before he was one giving the baby no memories of his father. At the age of ten Smoke ran away from the orphanage, that's when he discovered his abilities. He could make anything he wanted disappear into a cloud of smoke. Since, he didn't have a true name he named himself Smoke. He lived on the streets until he was 15, people were scared of him when he used his abilities and called him a sorcerer. After dodging the police several times, he joined the Ember Island Traveling Circus. He was given the job of being their magician. This wonderful new job allowed him to travel the world and see places he never thought of seeing. His journey spanned for more than a decade.

Book One:Fall of the Sages

Now a man he went with his group, to the Fire Nation Capitol, for the third time. That's when everything went south. A Fire Sage met him and asked him to come, to the temple to do some test. The sage seemed not afraid of Smoke's abilities and Smoke did go to the temple. During this time the sage, known as Raingeous, trained Smoke in his abilities without ceasing; however, Smoke did not stop, for the money Raingeous was giving him was more than anything he'd ever seen. Soon, he used his abilities on rats, making them disappear as easy as rocks. Smoke hated doing this, but greed got the better of him. Then, the sage wanted him to make a human disappear, a rebellious sage. Smoke refused. Raingeous told him of how he had these abilities. He was a child of a spirit. Whenever he had made stuff disappear, he had sent it/them to the void, a place in the Spirit World filled with nothing. Smoke was shocked at what the sage had told him. Smoke refused to use that technique ever on a living thing, no matter what. Raingeous was displeased by this and threw him in prison. Smoke would try to escape, but the guards outside would capture him as soon as he broke out. Finally he lost hope, stuck in the dungeon. One day, the Avatar was captured and put into the same prison as him. Together, they broke out and got revenge on Raingeous. Smoke sent himself and Raingeous to the Spirit World, where they currently are.


Smoke is able to connecting between real world and Spirit World. He can sending stuffs to the Spirit World, outside the Avatar as the medium. Unlike the Avatar, he is not master all four elements, but likely he can enter the Spirit World.


His personality is kind and caring in Book 1, however he is confused about somethings. He gets even more confused when he entered the Spirit World.


  • His abilities are based on the fifth traditional element.
  • His mother will be a servant to the dark spirit.
  • One of kuzonkid7's friends suggested this characters.

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