By Gingalover Part of the Ginga Densetsu Avatar continuity.
"You don't see him attacking do you? If he was as cruel as you said, he would of killed me when I got here. If anyone's the monster, it might as well be you"
— Smith's speech while protecting Kaibutsu
Smith GDA
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Earth Kingdom


60 dog years


Sacrificed himself to save Aang, Smellerbee, and Ty Lee

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Weed, Toph, Smellerbee, Kaibutsu, more...


Fire Nation

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Guard dog


Toph, Smellerbee

First appearance

Book 2: Earth - Book 3: Fire

Voiced by

Johnny Depps

Smith is an old English setter that travels with Toph and Smellerbee.


Smith was born in the briskly family a few years before Toph. Things were going well until Smith notices Toph was blind! When he realizes this, he knew that she needed help. So he goes out with Toph and shows her natures best earth bending teachers, the badger-moles. He managed to convince one of them to take her in and teach her how to show the world around her. Two days later, he returns to a much stronger, smarter, and more durable Toph. After a while, smith makes the difficult decision to runaway with Toph, knowing it will do her well. As they traveled around, they come across Smellerbee and rescued her, adding her in their group.

Book 2: Earth

Smith-San is an old setter and closest friend to Smellerbee and Toph. He first appears with the two girls when GB stumbles in front of the wagon they were ridding in. The setter was the first to confront GB and the rest of the gang and seemed to know what happened to Katara when she showed up. Smith guided the group away as Toph got to work. He offers them a lift later on to Ba Sing Se and the group accepted his offer.

Smith for most of the time was quiet through the trip until they reach a renaissance in a nearby village along the way. Smith suggested they stop and rest so they can have some fun time. Most of the group happily agreed with him and they all went in. The fair was calming to Smith and made him feel young again. But as he was walking around, he suddenly spies Zuko in the crowd. He tries to warn Ty Lee but she was too busy having fun to notice him. Smith took fate in his own paws and confronted them both. Alam actually coward back when he saw him. Smith had a decent conversation with them until he saw Ty Lee had left. And he went off to get back to his post by the entrance. He shows up later when he stops Jerome from attacking Weed. He then explains that if anyone's a monster, it might as well be Jerome and not Kaibutsu. He then tells the giant to leave since he was now free and Kaibutsu does so.

Book 3: Fire

Smith doesn't do very much at first, just as a dog of a few words until Katara reveals her air-bending secret to everyone. He steps in and tells Korra to stop yelling at Katara and goes into a big speech about that it's okay that there is another person that learned more than one element. He even saids he thought that she was an air bender since back at the hot springs. He surprises everyone, including Katara, saying that she might be another Avatar entirely. When denied by GB, he saids a history lesson that states that every 200 years at least, 2-3 Avatars can be born through destiny, choice, or from a family line. He basically saved Katara from getting into deadly trouble.

He shows up later as Aang, Smellerbee, Ty Lee and Mai were fighting on the elevator car. He quickly rushes over and gives the group time to escape. When he discovers the cars hinges collapsing, he throws Mai on the wires and tells her to tell Aang to stay out of trouble. The car then falls with Smith, killing him by the burning water and metal.

Book 4: Air

His spirit appears in the spirit realm when Aang deliberately goes to the realm. He guides Aang to a Sakura tree and explains to Aang of Zuko being the Third Avatar. He saids for Aang to learn fire-bending from Zuko and sends Aang back to the real world, promising that they'll meet again.

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