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25 July 2013

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Smirk is the fourth chapter of Seven Days in the Clouds, and the fourth theme of Kataang Week 2013.


It was just those little looks that sometimes annoyed the other, but hey, they never could get mad.


Perhaps that idea of teasing the other came as soon as they were both accepted into Master Pakku's waterbending classes in the North - about a week into their training, they were both on fairly level ground. After a class, Katara made the declaration:

"Aang, I'm going to best you in waterbending by this time next week," she spoke with that smirk, chuckling a bit.

Aang wasn't threatened - he knew what Katara was up to. Returning the sly smile, he said, "Please...I'm the Avatar. You wouldn't stand a chance."

"Ha!" Katara scoffed. "Well then, Mr. Avatar, I wish you the best of luck. Just don't get upset when I beat you in a spar."

"What do you mean, 'when'?" Aang replied, chuckling himself.

Turned out she was right.

At the end of the next week, Pakku told the two friends to spar in a demonstration of what they had learned to that point. It was a close duel, but eventually, Katara overwhelmed Aang and froze him to a wall.

She could only chuckle and smirk once more. "Katara 1, the Avatar 0."

Aang was defeated, and he knew it. "Fine, Katara, you got me...this time," he finished with a wink.

They were well out of the way of any hints of Fire Nation, and Katara was feeling the urge to practice, the heat aside. Naturally, she invited Aang along, and the two stripped down to their swimwear, walking on down to the nearby lake to cool off on that hot summer's day.

Midway through their training session, Aang brought it up. "Hey, Katara...remember that one day at the Northern Tribe, when you beat me in that sparring session?"

Katara smiled and let out a soft laugh. "Yes, I do remember, Aang. I kicked your butt big-time."

"Well..." Aang continued, a smile dotting his features. "We haven't had time lately...but now we do. How about a rematch? This is a training session, and sparring is a part of training."

"Heh, nice observation," Katara remarked. " want a rematch? You got it!" She took a fighting stance. "Good luck, you're going to need it."

The native airbender assumed a fighting stance of his own. "No, you're the one who's going to need it," he added, his smile now a confident grin. "So, I wish you the same."

Back and forth, two powerful waterbenders splashed up waves of water in a series of attacks. For several moments, neither of the two would budge. The water did concern Sokka a bit, who at one point, yelled "Come on you two! Quit making it so easy for the Fire Nation to hunt us down!" However, he was ignored, and the duel continued - they were on the outskirts of town, the two figured.

Finally, Aang found an open shot at his friend. Her leg was exposed after stretching out on a water whip. The Avatar, having assumed an octopus form, used one of its tentacles to wrap Katara's leg in and pull her down. He then ran closer to her and jumped down on her, pinning her down to the ground.

He smirked.

"Now we're even."

Katara accepted defeat and grinned at Aang.

"Congratulations, Avatar...we'll have a tiebreaker soon enough."

At the South Pole, Aang and Katara had a chance to enjoy a break in the action. The Hundred Year War was now two months gone, and the Avatar was not due for any meetings for a little while.

One day, as they took in a rare sunny day, Katara decided it was time.

She smirked and said, "'s time to complete our little duel series," pointing to the crystal blue ocean to her right.

The Avatar returned the smirk. "You're time like now. We're at peace, the War's done...let's do it."

"All in good fun," the waterbender finished with another laugh.

The two unlocked hands and went in separate directions, separating about fifty feet from the other. Tied at one apiece, only one could become the champion of the duo.

Aang started the spar with a powerful blast of water, which soaked Katara from head to toe. Katara removed the water from her body and shot it back at Aang with a series of water bullets.

A moment later, Aang shot back with a water whip, the same move he used to finish off Katara last time. However, this time she stopped the whip by freezing it over.

"It doesn't work twice!" Katara bragged.

The duel continued, each showing off some of their best moves, though making sure they didn't get hurt - it was certainly neither's intent to cause them physical pain - just a bit of ego-bruising.

Aang took a deep breath. "Well, no wonder why Pakku declared you a master..."

"...and no wonder why I did the same for you," Katara replied. "But I'm still going to win!"

"Never!" Aang shouted, and whipped up snow, shooting it in a series of snowballs at his girlfriend.

Katara was up to this task and drained the water from the fluffy weapons, then formed a water cloak. She whipped the arms of the cloak right at her boyfriend, trapping his arms in them. "Gotcha," she said, her smirk returning to her face, then pulling him toward her, before finally taking him down to the ground, pinning him.

"Katara 2...the mighty Avatar Aang 1."

Aang looked up and saw Katara grinning at him with great pride in herself.

"I guess a man knows when he's beaten," the Avatar admitted.

Katara simply laughed. "You're darn right." She then got up and also helped Aang get off the snowy ground. "Looks like I'm better after all."

"Okay, so you may be the better waterbender," Aang said, flashing one last grin. "But I'll make you wipe that smirk off your face..." He then pulled Katara toward him and threw his lips onto hers in a passionate kiss.

The waterbender quickly found herself captured again, this time by a great love he had for her. After her initial surprise from the kiss, she closed her eyes and relaxed in the moment, hugging him tight as she became lost in him.

The kiss separated, Katara's smile now more loving. This time, however, she said, "Okay...I'll give you this. You may not be the best waterbender...but you're still the best kisser and boyfriend."

"I'll take that compromise," Aang replied, smiling himself. "Mission accomplished, regardless...your smirk is gone."

"Don't push it," Katara said with a chuckle, before the two hugged tightly again.

Yes, there will be smirks...

But they'll always end with loving smiles between the two.


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