By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe II and Avatar: New Universe III continuity.
Smile Dog
Smile Dog
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Smile Dog V.2 (sister)




Team Avatar, Teen Titans, Cooper Clan, Pyramid Head, El Jefe

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S.C.P (temporary), Team Avatar


Slenderman (temporary)

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Wedding Day (brief)

Smile dog is a demonic canine and traveler of other worlds. The smile dog has a horrifying reputation thanks to a specific way it gains popularity. What it does is that it first finds a random male/female human, usually teenagers since they use communication the most. Next it starts its demonic powers by plaguing them with nightmares and horrid visions of itself so the person gets paranoid to the point that he/she would do anything to make it stop. Sometimes though it goes too far and the victim ends up doing suicide usually over 10 people, and then it moves onto another person. This Smile dog is a male, and he retired early because Slenderman offered it a different line of work in the SCP, as a patrol dog.

Avatar: New Universe 2

Smile dog makes a brief appearance right after Katara and Aang's wedding, spying on them alongside Ghost. The only one who saw him though is The Duke, but for some unknown reason, leaves him alone and goes away with Ghost.

Arc 1

He shows up later on after he uses an Anti-bending trick to disable the Avatar Gaang's bending, showing up with Ghost, Terror Blade, and Feral. He tries going for Ty but he ended up getting his front leg chi-blocked, shocking him. He only got more shocked as Ty Lee chi-blocks his metal men. only when Ghost pins her down, he decides to throw "the weapon" in with the Gaang as The Duke was sent back to the S.C.P Foundation as a guanine pig for them.

He shows up later in the TT world with Ghost, trying to get Toph and toube, realizing that they fell in the wrong portal. he warned everyone to get lost but only saw one, Dash, whom stayed. He bowed and gagged Toph and toube before dealing with Dash. He nearly got killed, but Ghost saves him and after a while he offers Toube in his replacement.

After that, he and Ghost go off to the cooper world and find Katara, Sokka, Pipsqueak and Smellerbee dealing with Grizz. He compliments Ghost on his work and they both go hide out until the next day, when he went and kidnapped the group a second time. He found Dash again and almost immediately asked why she was here, and didn't really believe her until she revealed that she was in the same group he was in. Shocked and confused, he was going to throw the three in when suddenly Pyramid Head intervenes and attacks him to the point of making him unable to stand, and he can only watch as Katara, Sokka, Pipsqueak and Smellerbee got their note and escape back into their world.

He shows up later on in 1882 Wild West, the time of Tennessee, asking the raccoon where Toph is. Tennessee didn't know Toph at the time and Smile Dog and Ghost go off. He shows up later on with Adjula and confronts Toothpick, asking about Toph again. He was the only one who didn't get scared when Toothpick aimed his pistols at them, knowing he can't be killed by any normal means. He tricks Toothpick into going into a shooting frenzy, thus causing Toph and Tennessee to fall through the ceiling. He grabs Toph and bails out, leaving Tennessee alone.

When he was about to go with Toph, suddenly he finds Pyramid Head again, and potentially kills him like before back in the Ice Age. He remained knocked out until Toph left.

He then shows up in feudal Japan by himself when he made a deal with El Jefe when he'll get the Rioichi Cooper Cane if El Jefe will tell him where Le Paradox is. When he does give the cane back and fights Ty, he figures out that he's been tricked and disappears for a while after fighting Raven.

His next stop was in the medieval times, where he shows up early to get Suki and Longshot. He goes on explaining that traveling through portals takes much longer than it seems, and they all took at least a week to get to their time zones. Before he can escort them though, he and Ghost noticed Galleth (whom they thought was Pyramid Head), panicked, and ran away before they were caught. However, he appears later and tricks BEN into going after Suki and Longshot, and simply ditches him to go after the final score.

He goes off to ancient Egypt and went right for Aang. Although confused when Aang agreed to go instead of fighting, he was about to go when he was suddenly captured by the Sky Trees so Aang can get out. However, he shows up suddenly later at the attack scene and were hiding until Miss Decibel manages to spook them out. They try explaining to Aang that they weren't responsible for the attack on Miss Decibel until HoundDoom shows up and a fight goes out until Aang was sent back home by mistake.

Arc 2

Smile Dog appears after a long time with Ghost aside. They haven't been given much to do since they messed up so much so they chilled in the titan world for the time being. He and ghost were watching the fight between the Titans and the H.I.V.E until Team Avatar showed up, thus running off. He trips over one of Gravemind's spy ropes but he didn't realize it at the time.

After a while, he and Ghost appear again when they confront the Team Avatar. He was rather annoyed when they didn't picture him as big of a threat as before and only got more surprised when Slenderman comes in with HoundDoom. He was relieved that he's not in trouble and helps get the team back to the Foundation.

Arc 3

Smile Dog and Ghost get the teams back to their cells, and he got Ty and Starfire to begin. When they were all done, he was informed it was his turn to feed SCP-682.

He and ghost get to 682's cell and inform the reptile it was feeding time for him. Instead of the usual cow like they hoped 682 demanded for them to bring him Toph instead. He retaliated a bit but in the end he had no choice so he went to get her.

When he and ghost got her, he took part in fattening her up to feed 682. He didn't do very much in the matter aside from getting the machine force feeder started up. They took her back afterwards.

The duo came back later when it was time to feed 682. Smile Dog himself fought Toube while Ghost was trying to pull her out. However the job was exhausting and they were completely tired when the job was done.

Avatar: New Universe III

When Slenderman was done, the Spirit Council managed to trap him and Ghost in a spirit jar and brought back for further study. However, someone managed to break them out first, and as such, got him free. As a clincher, he and Ghost have to help their "new pal" by going to Kyouga and split up the Triforce pieces.

He appears with Ghost sometime later in Kyouga. He and Ghost were sneaking up on them when Toph suddenly throws a rock at his head, exposing him to the others. They try talking outta it until Umbreon showed up. As she was talking though, for some odd reason he blabbers out where they hid the triforce, and gets brutally kicked by Umbreon. He tries to keep outta it but was caught by the natives, thus trapped with the team.

While they were trapped though and brought to Risley, they were treated much more fairly than normal, getting them surprised. When he was brought in to Risley, he felt rather intimidated but immediately bites her when she called him a scary cat. However this resulted in burning his mouth, and he jumped in one of the Groudon fountains. He tried shutting up Beast Boy but didn't work in the slightest. After the meal he was even offered to stay at the palace, which he accepts with slight surprise.

That night, Smile Dog was getting comfortable with his new respect when he got the idea to join Team Avatar and Teen Titans, since they were treating them more fairly. He got even more happy with the idea when Ghost got the same thing in mind. The next morning, he goes and confronts them. Before he could ask though, Starfire already accepted him, admitting to having overheard their conversation. He promises to not backstab the team and he follows Risley. However, he was running so quickly to keep up with her, he ended up running into a wall by accident. He didn't do much to open Groudon's den, but when it was done, he makes a rather odd comment about Risley, getting hit by ghost for the insult.

When they were inside however, he was accused by Umbreon of planning the whole plan to lure the teams into being killed by Groudon. He immediately tries to deny it but hardly got much time as he was attacked. When Raven found out what to do, Smile Dog fought Umbreon until Raven got to remove the hypnotic trance on Groudon.

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