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Cheng, Pipsqueak, Longshot, Bolt, Lian

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Smellerbee is the new leader of the Freedom Fighters, working in Ba Sing Se to fight crime, rather than the Fire Nation as they had done in the past.


Smellerbee was part of a group called the Freedom Fighters that was based in the forest near a Fire Nation colony. The group was devoted at getting rid of the Fire Nation from the area. The group later disbanded and went to Ba Sing Se as refugees. In trying to help Avatar Aang recover his flying bison in Ba Sing Se, the group's former leader, Jet, died. After the war ended, the group banded back together, and Smellerbee took charge as their leader.

Smellerbee met Cheng outside of a weapons store when given a tip by Lian that he would make a great addition to the group. Not long after, they went on their first mission together, and Smellerbee really took charge in leading the mission.


She had always been a very loyal and obedient person to her leader. Now that she is the leader, she takes charge, and expects loyalty and obedience, but is still willing to accept criticism. She is always ready to get in a fight, but she does know her own limitations.


Smellerbee is skilled with knives, swords, and daggers, but uses them mostly just for intimidation, rather than actually fighting with them. She has also learned to become a good leader, having to take that position after their previous leader, Jet, died.


  • Smellerbee is one of the few people who can understand Longshot just by his facial expressions.
  • The relationship between Smellerbee and Longshot is alluded to, but never stated in the story.

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