By Gingalover Part of the Ginga Densetsu Avatar continuity.
Biographical information

Earth Kingdom



Physical description


Hair color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

two hunting blades


expert tracker and hunter


Toph (adopted her as sister), deceased parents


Toph, Smith, Aang, more...



Chronological and political information

Hunter (formally), farmer

First appearance

Book 2: Earth -

Smellerbee in "Ginga Densetsu Avatar" is Toph's adopted sister. She has helped Toph and Smith plenty with the agriculture works, using her hunting blades as farming tools. She pretty much owes her life to Toph for saving her from getting killed in the wild.


Smellerbee was born in a hunters family, learning all she needed to track and hunt animals where she lived. Both her parents loved her, but it was her dad she truly looked up to. At the age of 9, the family hunting blades were passed down to her. She almost didn't get them, since the family blades only pass down through the male generation, but she had done so well, she was chosen to give the blades to. She was the first female in her family to be passed down her families blades. But however, Blue managed to find them and she was now the last trace of her family line, having her parents killed by Blue. Since this, she had grown much tougher, but she wasn't teaches how to survive ONLY in the wild. She at one time came across a deadly badger-mole. But before the creature can kill her, Smith and Toph arrive and drive the creature away. Since this, she remained loyal towards both of them.

Book 2: Earth

She first appears with Toph and Smith while they were sending some hay towards Ba Sing Se. When GB tumbled down in front of them, she jumps off to confront the setter. She spoke to Team Avatar for a bit and then she got back in the wagon and went on their way. When the Team Avatar showed up later, she considers them to "come crawling back", but agrees to let them come along.

She was represented as a side character until she and Weed go and find Genba and were knocked out by him. They were arrested for disobedience twords an officer. As she was being taken to the chasum prison, she asks Genba about Tom. But was denied and thrown into the cell. Later on she ends up meeting Tom and asks him why he was stuck where they were, nearly getting crushed as a result! She remained a helper for the rest of the time.

Book 3: Fire

After discovering Zuko and Tom captured, she was supposed to go with the others to help Zuko. But she managed to convince Weed to let her go with them and she went off to fight blue instead. During the fight with Blue, a landslide occurs and she was saved by Blue. After discovering Toph now missing, she offers to go with Weed to go look for her, but was convinced to stay with the others to help Sokka.

However she shuns Weed when he returns without her, saying she won't accept his apology until Toph returns. When they all heard that Toph might be at the Boiling Rock prison, she goes with Aang and Ty Lee. Things were going well until they were exposed by Bat. She goes into a one-on-one joust with Mai as Ty Lee and Aang hightailed it out of there in the elevator car. She ends the fight short and rushes along the iron wires to catch up, but Mai ends up fallowing her, and their joust continues until Smith barges in and gave her, Aang, and Ty Lee time to escape. She could only watch from the rim of the volcano as Smith falls into the boiling waters below. She haves one final glance at the remains, tears filling her eyes, and then left.

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