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"(A:TR) Ep.11: Freedom Fighters"

Smellerbee is second-in-command in the Freedom Fighters group and closest friend to Jet. Apart from their encounter with the Fire Nation, she and Jet formed the Freedom Fighters.


Not too much is known about Smellerbee. She is very loyal towards Jet and will mainly follow his orders, no one else's. If Jet isn't around, she follows her own rules, taking situations into her own hands.



Smellerbee grew up in the same village as Jet and grew very close to him. Her life remained unchanged until the Fire Nation attacked her home, resulting in the loss of her family. Her only family she had left was Jet now and she didn't want to leave him. After some time, they both agreed to form the Freedom Fighters, so other children wouldn't end up like them in terms of suffering.

Book 1: Water

Smellerbee first appeared alongside the rest of her team, when she helped save Team Avatar from Zuko. Smellerbee made the most damage out of everyone, nearly slicing the arm off of one of the soldiers using just her heel. She helped drive away the Fire Nation elite, including Zuko. When she was praised though, she refused to accept it, saying they were just doing their job. When they went back to the base, Smellerbee explained that they all took care of each other to make sure the Fire Nation didn't destroy their home. When it came around to when Aang was kidnapped, she made it clear that some animal got to him, after Longshot directed her to its marks. She was the first to call the search party but was unable to find Aang.

The next day when Aang returned, Smellerbee apologized for not being able to find and help him out when he was kidnapped by Raiu. As Raiu returned however, she tried to fight it off, but was quickly defeated. Soon after being paralysed in the end of that fight, Smellerbee managed to track down where they took Aang, despite Raiu not leaving any clues behind this time. She remained outside though as the rescue plan took place.



Smellerbee is pretty skilled when it comes to weapons, similar to Jet.

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