By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe II continuity.
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Wedding Day

Smellerbee is the current leader of the Freedom Fighters. Through the war she was second-in-command to Jet. But since his untimely death, Smellerbee was promoted to becoming the leader. Among much of her team, she's the only one whom can truly understand Longshot just by his expressions, which when she was captured and thrown in the portal, no one can understand how.

Avatar: New Universe II

Smellerbee first appears with The Duke, Pipsqueak, and Longshot when she accidentally sets off one of the fireworks for Katara and Aang's wedding. Katara and Toube raced down and after she told them what happened, was introduced to Toube.

After the wedding party, she went out on patrol with her team when she came across Feral. When she tried to help however, she and the team were caught in a trap set by S.C.P. She was remained pinned as bait for Team Avatar and afterwards was thrown into the portal.

Arc 1

She, Katara, Sokka and Pipsqueak were thrown into the Cooper World, in the Ice Age, where she was confronted by Grizz. She was about to go but made a run for it when Katara was captured, thus leading to her capture as well. She remained binded until Ghost and Smile Dog came in and kidnapped them again. But before they could Pyramid Head intervened and opened their escape.

Arc 2

After they arrive in the TT World, Smellerbee manages to see the tri pieces and goes out on her own to retrieve the first one. She went around Jump city and was found by Gizmo. However she managed to beat up Gizmo and retrieve the first piece. She and the Freedom Fighters were given a break but however they were captured by Slenderman.

Arc 3

After being captured, she was taken to her own cell, seemingly alone. She managed to keep her blade with her and was using it to annoy the heck out of the guards outside. After a bit, she was finally reunited with The Duke. She helps The Duke catch up but they both hear a voice from the air vent, and then overheard the conversation between Dash and Twist.

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