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Slipped Away
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In a time, long ago. War raged across Patria, concerning all elements. Flamma, the Benders of Fire wanted power. Flamma was strong; the other Elements were crumbling. The fate of Patria was linked to the destiny of one...


Terror, a feeling I know well. It's the expression on all of my victim's countenance. Their eyes, face, their entire being, filled with untainted terror.

Being an assassin was a complicated trade. It's vital you start small. I started by freeing small villages, when I was eleven, killing all of the Flamma warriors in a single night without a trace. Then, when I was twelve I took on Flamma camps, flooding their beds, which woke them with a start, and fighting them all at once.

Once I mastered taking down Flamma camps, at fourteen, I knew I was ready to take down a Flamma captain. I chose the closest captain to The Shrines, the connection of all four Elementum Territories. Fort Laurus, in Ventus, was the most ideal fort. That way any element could be blamed for killing him. His name was Captain Addo the Bringer. Yes, he was a bringer, bringer of terror, destruction, pain, and war. I was disgusted by his very name.

I spat in the dirt on the road, revolted by the memory of this man.

In Patria everyone had two parts to their name. My name was Kira of the Moon. It symbolized the meaning of your name. It usually had something to do with your element.

There were four elements, water, earth, air, and fire or Unda, Terra, Ventus, and Flamma. A decade ago Flamma declared war on all the other elements.

Getting into the captain's fortress was easy. His room was modest, way too modest for a captain. There was a simple bed in the corner, a large map of Patria on left wall, and a shack of various weapons, including swords, bow and arrows, spears, battle axes, and clubs.

Now that I had assessed my arena, it was time to have fun. He woke with a splash to the face. Gasping from the cold he jumped out of his bed. He looked around dazed until he saw me leaning against the wall. His stance turned defensive, and adrenaline kicked in.

"I wouldn't try calling your guards. I've already killed everyone within calling distance," I said, this was a complete bluff, but I was sure he was confident he could liberate me by himself.

"Who are you? Why are you here?" he asked trying not to sound nervous, but failed miserably.

"You mean you haven't heard the stories?" I asked with fake shock, "the stories of Flamma warriors falling dead in the night by a mysterious force that doesn't make a sound or leave a trace?"

Addo shook his head vigorously. I snickered, perfect. I gasped, "Silly me, of course you haven't, want to know why," I asked, Addo was silent, "because no one ever lives to see him."

Addo's eyes widened. I laughed, typical Flamma. I twirled some water around my first finger.

"I will," I heard Addo whisper.

"Sorry, what was that?" I asked putting a hand up to my ear.

"You will die for your treachery!" He yelled and shot a fire ball at me.

I easily dodged the ball, and the next. He advanced closer. Closer, was just what I wanted.

I dodged under his arm and sliced his abdomen with my water. He cringed with pain. Seething with fury he attacked with a long stream of fire. I dodged it and cut his arm with more water. This time he yelped in agony. As he grabbed his arm I struck both of his thighs. He fell to his knees.

"My warriors will not let my death go without revenge," he fumed gripping his wounds.

"How will they find someone that no one has seen?" I asked innocently.

"Guards!!!" He yelled. My mood turned for the worse.

"Addo," I said disappointed, "now we will have to cut our pleasurable meeting short. Tsk, tsk." I said shaking my head. I Stirred some water into a sphere and shot it at Addo. Upon contact he went limp, dead. I collected my water. Soon I heard footsteps thundering down the hall. I climbed out the window and onto the roof. Getting out was as easy as getting in. Revenge was sweet.

My home was in the mountains of Unda, with Zosime. Zosime was good to me. I was wandering around the mountains half-starved and dehydrated when she found me and took me in. She taught me everything I know. She believed I would grow to be someone significant. She taught me all about bending, hunting, and how to use a bow. She educated me about the savage Flamma that started the war. She trained me in the way of Unda. She told me that if there was to be peace, I would have to kill the Flamma leader, Talis the Thorn.

Three years had passed since I killed Addo. I was returning home from a vital mission in Terra at Fort Defensor, a commander there had ruthlessly murdered dozens of innocent Terra people. Zosime told me to hurry for the sake of the people. I didn't amuse myself with this commander he died quickly in his bed.

I started to scale a mountain, Zosime's little cottage lay humbly at the top. My bow and quiver strung across my back, my silvery blonde hair was in my face. I wore a simple aqua blue tunic; it had designs brim the edges. My ring, on a chain around my neck, unseen, haunting me about my past. My blue eyes set on my destination.

It was overcast, dark clouds threatened to drown the mountainside. Unda was mostly rivers, lakes, and trees. Lots and Lots of trees. I was a little later than I expected. I did some trading in the village at the base of the mountains, Oyo. The people of Oyo were kind and very generous.

Many people would think that I'm a merciless killer, destroying anything to do with Flamma. But I have rules; I don't kill children, or innocent Elementums. Children especially, so pure, innocent, so much life to live. I could never trust myself to take care of, and raise a child. I promised myself a long time ago that I would never carry a child. My fate was decided, there was no need to oppose it.

By the time I reached the top I was out of breath. After I regained my breath, I entered the house. Zosime wasn't in the house; she must have been out back in the garden. Zosime grew everything known to the elements in that garden from herbs to spices. Every time I left she insisted I take a small pouch of herbs in case I got hurt. I tried countless times to convince her that nothing in Patria could even come close to hurting me, but Zosime insisted.

"Zosime?" I called.

"Kira? Oh, Kira it's about time," she scolded, "I was about to come looking for you. What took you so long?"

"I did some trading in the village; I traded the rabbits I caught for some spice seeds," I explained handing her the pouch of seeds, "I didn't think you had this kind."

I glanced at the lush green garden, I was jealous that I didn't have a gift for growing plants. Even in on this unfertile mountain her garden flourished. In the winter she just moved the common herbs and spices inside to pots and kept them till spring. No, I had a gift alright. I had a gift for combat. I had decided to use my aptitude to free the people. I was proud of my destiny, but it wasn't gentle, or graceful. It was violent and savage.

"Thank you, darling," Zosime said expressing her gratitude, " could you go inside and start supper I laid all the ingredients out on the table."

Zosime interrupted my train of thought. No matter. I would have time to think about it later. I bowed slightly at the waist, in respect for the elder, and turned back to the door.

Inside I examined the ingredients. It was for soup, hazelnut soup and white bread rolls. Flashbacks of that night flickered across my memory. Anger and fury were unleashed. I threw the ingredients in the fire, curled up in a corner, and cried.


I paced the hallway. The stone halls were dripping with water from the recent rain. I couldn't believe it, right under my nose. The assassin came and went. Everything had gone as planned until he got away. The plan was faultless.

The entire situation was a trap, a plan to capture the assassin, and yet I let him slip away. I had to have been not but five feet away from him and I didn't even know it.

I had been tracking this assassin since I was twelve years of age. I was sure this would be the time I would take his life and bring great honor to my name.

But now? No, now I would have to send word to my father. And that was my last priority. I had to think of a plan. As I trudged down the hall, I considered different possibilities for a plan.

I would have to send a message to my sister, Zena. She was the only one who would be willing to help me catch this assassin. We would have to travel to an ideal destination, in case the assassin was at the far reaches of Patria.

The Shrines, the perfect position not too far for any element to travel. I had to send word to my sister, immediately. Yes, this time I would catch him.

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