By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe II and Avatar: New Universe III continuity.
Biographical information

S.C.P Foundation


Disintegrated by the core

Physical description
Skin color


Personal information
Bending style(s)

Anti-bending ("Slender")


Siya (adopted son)

Chronological and political information

S.C.P Foundation worker




Spirit Council (temporary), S.C.P (leader)




Kyd Wykkyd, Jinx

First appearance

"Titans Return"

Slenderman is the ultimate horror and leader of the S.C.P. He alone is frightening and powerful enough, much of his Anti-bending similar to powers used by other strange figures. For example, he is able to sprout out many other tentacles like a Diclonius can do. He also has the ability to teleport anywhere he wants to, like his adopted son and apprentice, Kyd Wykkyd, whom he named Siya. Much like the high-ranking members of the Spirit Council, he is able to create life but his lifeforms were too horrific, dangerous and had broken the "ultimate rule", thus banishing him from the council, and closing his workplace. However, after finding out that Xerneas has been killed, he got his workplace back and is now working like mad to catch up on his projects.

Avatar: New Universe II

Arc 1

He first appears after Porygon-Z and Tails Doll had captured Raven, Jinx, and Siya. He sends Porygon-Z and Tails doll back to the SCP Foundation, saying that the Teen Titans and H.I.V.E can't escape. He offers the three anti-benders the option of ether joining him or being thrown to a random world to suffer. When Raven refused, all he did was grab her and throw her through a random portal. He was unaffected by the attacks the H.I.V.E and Titans did to him, knocking out all of Billy Numerous's clones and the real numerous, and made Beast Boy faint when he does a huge scare tactic on him. When he was framed for working under Slade by Robin, he gives indication that he didn't meet him, but he will, snapping Robin's staff in the process. He asks Kyd Wykkyd to join him, not recognizing him, and when he vanishes, he simply walks off into the portal back to the foundation with Jinx.

Arc 2

He comes back later on and meets with Slade. He only wanted to talk to Slade personally so he keeps the HIVE busy by bringing his minions with him. He didn't bring Jinx for this one in case she changes her mind. He manages to convince Slade after a personal chat.

After the HIVE failed to get them for the first tri piece, he went himself and single-handedly beat not only the Titans, but Team Avatar as well. He went on explaining a few things to them, and adds in that the tri pieces he was supposed to gather but left it as "red herring" so they can do it for him. With the help of the others, he brings them all to the S.C.P Foundation.

Arc 3

Since going back, Slenderman had mainly been keeping check on his projects and experiments from his place of work. Since the first escape, he became more shocked rather than angry, this never happening before. He looked through his documents on the SCP's in the facility, including SCP-23, before he went off to check on the experiments in the other parts of the foundation.

As he was, he found of Azula's whereabouts and tries to stop her. He was close to killing her when Azula encourages it, making him stop. After thinking, he decides to take her to their asylum.

Since the events, it was now him who took the refugees to their experiments. Now it was Aang's turn and Slenderman got him. He was also rather busy so he was sharing his torture with another refugee, in the form of Althea.

After a while, he decides to check up on Azula after he hauled her away. He promises to take her back and calls in Jinx to watch over her, as he walks away in annoyance.

When the final escape occurs, he seemingly knew this would happen and was at the control room. He keeps cutting off their path until they end up in the prison room. He teleports in just as they were about to leave. After some talk, he brings in Terror Blade, HIVE 5 and Adjula to fight them off for him, as he simply watches in amusement. He teleports away for a little bit but comes back as they were escaping. However, when it came down to just Jinx, he starts acting more brutal and demands her to kill them, otherwise he'll simply kill her and her friends. Seeing she won't do it, he catches them and tells Terror Blade to do it instead. However, Jinx cuts his tentacles off and he was about to go berserk until he realizes a new alarm was going off, making him leave them alone. He appears by Azula and Kyd Wykkyd soon after they made it to the core, trying to stop them from destroying it. However, in the end it was he who destroyed it. He gives his praise silently to Siya just before the foundation, along with him, disappeared.

Avatar: New Universe III

Although he is deceased officially, he was resurrected and brought to his master, Zalgo. Whom despised him for failing to remove the teams. Slenderman tries to redeem himself but was almost sent to the Distortion World when Umbreon basically saves him from that, as he scrambles away from Zalgo.

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