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The Slashverse is a collection of fanons all existing within the same canon as each other, each of them written by Agent Slash. Most of the fanons Agent Slash has written take place within this universe, with characters in the various stories making reference to each other at some point. There have also been various references to events that have occurred in the Slashverse in the works of Omashu Rocks, with Avatar Brek making several references to the Slash Trilogy. Conversely, many of Slash's works have made reference to Omashu Rocks' fanons as well, with Avatar Brek, Crossfire, and Our Story each being referenced at some point.

Slash Trilogy Edit

The Adventures of Team Avatar Edit

The Adventures of Team Avatar is the first fanon in the Slash Trilogy, the main three fanons within the Slashverse. The story follows Team Avatar trying to save the world from and evil masked man named Jun and his team of villains who are bent on killing them as well as a group of Fire Nation rebels who are determined to restore the Fire Nation to its former glory. This fanon takes place seven months after the end of the original series.

Suki's Story Edit

Suki's Story is the second fanon in the trilogy. It follows Suki, who has temporarily left Team Avatar to go home to Kyoshi Island. However, an evil man named Tai Kun and his organization known as the "Zhiming Assassins" have set out to dominate the Earth Kingdom and later the world. Suki and her new friends, Bo, Ling, and Rong must stop Tai Kun and his assassins and allow peace to remain in the Earth Kingdom. This fanon takes place two years after The Adventures of Team Avatar.

Avatar: Into the Light Edit

The third and final fanon in the trilogy. It follows the now adult members of Team Avatar and their epic quest to defeat an ancient clan of lightbenders who have sworn to destroy the four nations. This fanon takes place nine years after Suki's Story.

Assassin's Trilogy Edit

Avatar: The Assassin's LegendEdit

The first story in the Assassin's Trilogy, a series of prequels that show the origins of Hong Wu. It follows the story of his days as an Earth Kingdom assassin, and how he began his transition into the evil nemesis of Suki we know today.

Avatar: The Assassin's SorrowEdit

The second story in the Assassin's Trilogy. It continues the story of Hong Wu's past, now dealing with his and Ming's ordeals while serving the despicable Jun and revealing more of how he became the evil assassin we know today. It takes place two years after Avatar: The Assassin's Legend.

Avatar: The Assassin's EssenceEdit

The third and final installment in the Assassin's Trilogy. It deals with Hong Wu on a mission to assassinate a group of Fire Nation separatists. It ultimately shows how Hong Wu became the man we know today and takes place ten years after Avatar: The Assassin's Sorrow.

Crimes of Passion Edit

The story of a young woman named Song, who is abducted into the Triple Threat Triad, and must adapt to life as a professional criminal as she sinks deeper and deeper into Republic City's world of organized crime.

Rise of the Rhinos Edit

An upcoming series that will serve as an origin story for the Rough Rhinos, and will chronicle their adventures before and after they became a team.

Fate's Cold Hands Edit

Set centuries before the original series, Fate's Cold Hands tells the story of Kembar and Kiama, a pair of twins who were both born as the Avatar. Once they learn of their identity, they are informed that, in order to maintain balance, they must fight to the death once they finish their Avatar training, so that only one Avatar will remain.

My Name Is IlahEdit

An upcoming short-series fanon that will explore the backstory of Fire Lady Ilah, wife of Fire Lord Azulon, before she ever set foot in the Fire Nation Capital.

Vortex Edit

A crossover series featuring characters from the Slashverse, as well as Air, the Energyverse, Silent Hero in Emerald, Heiress of the Nile, and the Spirit War Trilogy. It is set in an alternate universe separate from the Slashverse's canon.

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The Adventures of Team Avatar

The Rise of Jun - The Coming of the Storm - A Royal Pain - Duel in the Desert - Divide and Conquer - Avatar Wisdom - The Return of Koh - Battle in the Swamp - The Liberation, Part 1 - The Liberation, Part 2 - A Trip to Kyoshi Island - Rise to Power - Temptation - Cold-Blooded Revenge - The New Member - The Wrath of Xian, Part 1 - The Wrath of Xian, Part 2 - Making the Final Preparations - Battle for the Fire Nation Capital, Part 1: Death and Betrayal - Battle for the Fire Nation Capital, Part 2: Sons of Ozai - The Boy With the Swords - Night of the Lang Ren - In the Woods - Freedom Run - The Return of Xian - Family Reunion - Thoughts and Memories - The Conspiracy - The Final Battle, Part 1: Old Friends - The Final Battle, Part 2: Behind the Mask - The Final Battle, Part 3: The Arrival of the Storm - The Final Battle, Part 4: The Fall of Jun

Suki's Story

Arrival at Kyoshi Island - The Beginning of a New Adventure - Rong - Evil in the Air - Search in the City - Reaching Omashu - Bamboo Under the Moonlight - The Si Guan Lian - Infiltrated - Return to Kyoshi Island, Part 1: Storming the Enemy - Return to Kyoshi Island, Part 2: The Prophecy - The Matter in Gaoling - Return of the Zhiming Assassins - Hearts, Minds, and Desires - The Forgotten Story - Under the Si Wong Sun - The Full Moon Cruises - Battle For Ba Sing Se, Part 1: The New Era - Battle For Ba Sing Se, Part 2: Suki of Kyoshi Island

Avatar: Into the Light

Wedding Day - Against the World - The Rose's Thorns - The Rise of a Crime Lord - The Return of Hong Shu - Ling's Scars - Love and Secrets - Warriors of the Night - Gone in the Night - The Assault, Part 1: The Warrior Cometh - The Assault, Part 2: Enter Bai Lung - A Knife To the Heart - The Field Trip, Part 1: Return of the Ringleader - The Field Trip, Part 2: Wu Li - A Plague O' Both Their Houses - Joining the Big Leagues - A Little Taste of Power - The Avatar's Trial - Our Ending, Part 1 - Our Ending, Part 2 - Targets, Part 1 - Targets, Part 2 - Light Lessons - Where My Wife Sleeps - Nightmares, Part 1 - Nightmares, Part 2 - A Night in the City - Framed - United Vengeance - The Wanderer - Tales of Republic City - The Election - The Carnage of Qian - Backlash - Tea Time - The Republic City Players - Dark Fury - With a Little Help From My Friends - Let it Shine - Family Feud - The Sting of the Past - The Assassin's Epilogue - The Great Enlightenment - The Resurrection - Our Brightest Hour

Avatar: the Assassin's Legend

The Rays of the Sun - Initiating the Mission - Secrets From Within - Escaping the Prison - The Spark That Lit the Fire

Avatar: the Assassin's Sorrow

The Beams of the Moon - Plunged Into Sorrow

Avatar: the Assassin's Essence

Day 3,650 - A Bloody Bond - The Dragon's Song - The Summit

Crimes of Passion

Into the Mix - To Kill a Man - A Nice Meal in Linuki - Strangers in the Night - Four Hearts and Souls, Part 1 - Four Hearts and Souls, Part 2 - What You Don't Know... - ...Won't Kill You - The Meeting - The Acid Ocean - Made Woman - Lunch - The Boy from the Streets - Seconds - The Hit - The Other Side of the World - A Good Day - Revelations, Part 1 - Revelations, Part 2 - Monsoon Season - TBA

Fate's Cold Hands

The Visitor - The First of a Thousand Steps - Separate Paths - Chasing Love - The Three Keys - Love and Betrayal - The Coup

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