By Gingalover Part of the Book Six: Shadow continuity.

The Sky Cow is a distant and ancient relative of the flying bison, living in the remote areas of the Earth Kingdom. A herd of Sky Cows was seen within Zorka's Observatory, while Kuvira, Asami, Kai, and Jinora were exploring the area.


The Sky Cows hold an uncanny resemblance to the Flying Bison that live at the air temples, to the point when they can easily be mistaken for one from a distance. But there are a few key differences; for example, their tails are more rounded out than those of other sky bison. They also possess the trademark arrow from their head, down their backs. However, their arrow marks are a greyish-blue, instead of the usual brownish color. Their ears are also black instead of brown, or white as in the older subspecies. The Sky Cow's mouth is more broad, and their noses flattened, aimed downward.


Like the Flying Bison, the Sky Cows use airbending in order to fly and use their tails to steer in the air. Sky Cows are herbivores and have flat teeth to grind up food. Although able to fly, Sky Cows are also able to swim underwater in order to find food. While not shown to be of similar uses as the Flying Bison, the Sky Cows don't show any fear towards human beings.


The Sky Cows resemble the flying bison, a hybrid between a manatee and a bison, although the Sky Cow shows more prominent features towards the manatee than the Flying Bison does.


  • The design behind the Sky Cows is based on the old concepts for the Flying Bison before the show's production.

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