By The avatar Part of the Avatar: The Old Kingdom continuity.
Southern Air Temple outlook
Sky Confederacy
Physical information

Southwestern Earth Kingdom; Small Enclaves around world


Nation of Airbenders

  • Sanpai (Formerly)
  • Southern Air Temple
Form of Government


Head of State
  • Prince Kaze
  • Regent Mung
Religious authority



Air Nomand Yuan

The Sky Confederacy is one of the Factions in Avatar: The Old Kingdom. It is a theocratic monarchy. Far different from their modern succesors, the Sky Confederacy is a mighty empire, with footholds around the world. It's capital is however located in southwestern Earth Continent.


The Sky Confederacy was founded aeons ago, by the first human air benders. As their prowess grew, so did their empire. As time passed, they grew from a war-like empire into a theocratic Kingdom.


The Sky Confederacy is located in Southwestern part of the Earth Continent. They hold small foot holds around the world, and use them as bases for diplomacy, and trade.


The Government of the Sky Confederacy is headed by a King with highly religious monk advisers. There is a religious leader, the Pope, and the King. The Pope rules from the temple, while the King rules from the provinces. The two have differed quite often, and the nation often suffers some instability from the situation.

Foreign Relations

The Sky Confederacy is known for "connecting the world" and used their footholds to establish diplomatic relations with many nations. Despite their war like past, they are now a mainly pro-peace nation closely allied with the Omashu Kingdom and Khmer Tribes.

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