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Mian,Zura, Tia, Ami,etc.


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Fanon:The Phoenix Bombers

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Within the Shadows


Sky was born in S. eagle Island one of the several islands that made up the Phoenix Islands. When he was young his village was destroyed by the government, accused of starting a rebellion. Sky saw his dying parents telling him to run and protect himself. Growing up as a pick pocket Sky met several new friends, and together they played pranks on the guards. Eventually, these became more and more dangerous until they could be called raids. Soon, Sky started a whole resistance made up of children around his age. They named themselves the Phoenix Bombers because they often used bombs as weapons against the soldiers.

Meeting Team Strike

The bombers were waiting to ambush a group of soldiers, but needed a distraction. Then Mian and his friends came and together they defated the soldiers. Later, Sky, and the bombers, decided to join the entourage and journeyed with them. However, they were caught of guard one day, and were defated. They were then forced to retreat to an Air Nomad port and rested there. After relaxing, they went to save the Water Tribe from destruction.[1]. Sky decided that him and the bombers would help the Water Tribe rebuild themselves as the rest of team strike went undercover.


Sky returned to deliver a message to Zura over the despair in his nation. He joined them in their fight to defend the Fire Nation, and eventually retreated with them to Omashu. At Omashu, he helped hold off the Islanders in their attacks, and joined them in another battle against the invading Islanders.


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