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General information

Queen Veranke

Notable members

People of Skrull Empire


First Emperor of Skrull Empire


Skrullos Moon



Skrull are a race of benevolent shapeshifter mammal-like reptilian. Like the Makluan, their civilization are much older than humans but they can't live for thousands of years like them.


Not known much about the civilization of the Skrull but they're so very peaceful race as same as the Air Nomads were. They all are non-violence and will fight only to protect themselves. They are so much very hate the violent empire like the Makluan. They see all Makluan are evil beings and they all will do anything to keep themselves away and safe from them.


Advance Technology

Older than humans civilization for many million years, they have many advance technologies to use like Laser Guns and the Spaceships.


Because the Skrullos Moon were filled with the animals that flying. To survive, they had to shapeshifting themselves from humanoid form to their real from.

Forms of the Skrull

Humanoid Form

As humanoid, they have body that very similar to humans but skin are still green and have pointing ears.

Real Form

Their real form are the 7 ft. tall bat-like creatures that have wings. Make them can fly in the sky of Skrullos Moon.


  • The type of their empire are Shaman Empire.
  • They are shapeshifters.
  • They are mammal-like reptiles.
  • Like the Makluan, their civilization are much older than humans for many thousands of years.
  • They can't live for many thousands of years like the Makluan.
  • Unlike in the Marvel Comics, they are on side of the heroes instead of villains.
  • They are not conquerors like in the Marvel Comics.
  • Their religion is the Olympian Deity.

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