Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Skies and Airbending in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Yue Bay
Skies and Airbending
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Original run

Late 2013 or Early 2014 - ???




TheCatOwl, Master Ratava, Aang Meng Fang


Two hundred after Avatar Korra's death, the next Avatar has just ended her training. Kumo, the first Air Nomad Avatar since Aang is ready to face the challenges ahead. However, these challenges are more dangerous than she thought when she meets The Sky Terrains, a group of earthbenders and airbenders that threaten the United Republic.


Main Characters

  • Avatar Kumo: The Avatar. She is nineteen years old and has already mastered all the elements. Like most Air Nomads, she is calm and fun loving, however she is stubborn and shy.
  • Hiro: Kumo's animal guide. He is a ten year old Sky bison and almost always at Kumo's side.
  • Yukio: Kumo's best friend and a waterbender. He is the exact opposite of Kumo.
  • Sai: A newer member of the Order of the White Lotus. He guards Kumo when she explores Republic City. He is an Earthbender.


  • Qing: A leader of The Sky Terrains. He is an airbender.
  • Miya: A leader of The Sky Terrains. She is an earthbender.


  • Yul: The leader of The Order of the White Lotus. He is a firebender.
  • Salila: Republic City citizen. She is a waterbender
  • Rune: Republic City citizen. He is a firebender.
  • Rin: A member of the Order. She is an earthbender.
  • Avatar Yuri: He was the Avatar before Kumo. His natural element was fire.
  • Han: Kumo's firebending master and a member of the Order.
  • Rya: Kumo's mother. She is an airbender.
  • Vincent: Kumo's Father. He is a nonbender.


Book One: Land

  • Prologue
  • Ch. 1: Entering the Republic
  • Ch. 2: Exploration and Brawls
  • Ch. 3: Base Rumors (Working Title)
  • Ch. 4: Infiltration (Working Title)
  • Ch. 5: Leading the Skies
  • Ch. 6: Escape
  • Ch. 7: Night from the Past
  • Ch. 8: Ambush (Working Title)
  • Ch. 9: Hidden Secrets
  • Ch. 10: Ice and Steam
  • Ch. 11: Missing (Working Title)
  • Ch. 12: The Search
  • Ch. 13: Repeating History Part One
  • Ch. 14: Repeating History Part Two

Book Two: Skies

  • Ch. 1: Hurt (Working Title)


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