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Biographical information

Air Nation


Water Tribe, Earth Kingdom


Lyo (as airbending teacher to Kessa and Jantaq)

Physical description


Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Fighting style(s)



Unnuk, Saana, Yanna, Tahina, Ikki, Honni, Olila, Lyo, Linjon, Ging, Air Nomads, Air Acolytes


Braqan, Braqan's army

Chronological and political information

Airbending instructor (formerly)
Spiritual instructor


Airbending master


Air Nomads

Siying is an airbending master and one of the three daughters of Unnuk and Saana. She was a renowned teacher on the island of Haiqo, where she lost her right arm and almost lost her life during Braqan's attack.


Siying was the youngest daughter of Unnuk, a firebender from the Southern Water Tribe and Saana, an airbender from the Earth Kingdom, both of whom gained their abilities following Harmonic Convergence. She was the sister of Yanna, a firebender, and Tahina, an airbender like her. She and her sisters were raised at the Western Air Temple, and was sad when Yanna left with their father to explore the Fire Nation, to both master firebending and prepare for her training in the United Forces.

Meanwhile, Siying and Tahina were being taught to master airbending, and were even trained by master Ikki. Both she and Tahina would become lifelong friends with other young airbenders like Honni and Olila, and many Air Acolytes, Ging among them.

Siying eventually mastered airbending and spent a few more years at the Western Temple before finally leaving to live in Haiqo, believing her work there could influence not just airbenders, but the people of the Southern Water Tribe.

Siying spent a number of years in Haiqo, befriending Yoronaq and Tirriu, the town's leaders, occasionally looking after Tirriu's young children Kessa and Jantaq. She also taught some skills to Linjon, the son of master Lyo, whom her friend Ging had married. Siying was among the first casualties during the attack on Haiqo by Braqan and his fleet. While helping to get the citizens to an underground bunker, Siying was attacked by some of Braqan's men, leaving her with a deep gash on her arm, and knocking her into several houses, leaving her with a broken back.

Unfortunately for Siying, all the waterbenders who had fought against Braqan had also become casualties, and Siying lost her right arm because of the lack of treatment or healing. For a long time, the light was gone from Siying, and her sister and friends remained in Haiqo away from their Air Nomad duties to care for her.

Although she had not meant it, her being among the casualties of Braqan's attack led Linjon to turning from his nomadic teachings and founding the Order of Wan, and eventually the Air Republic.

Later life

Despite her disability, Siying carried on as a teacher on Haiqo, but was unable to teach airbending and used her knowledge on spiritual matters.



Prior to losing her arm, Siyi had mastered airbending, displaying great feats in the skill. During the attack on Haiqo, Siyi briefly dueled with several master waterbenders, blocking them in every directions and besting them.

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