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Search for Power



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August 1, 2014

I leave the house with a promise never to return to that place now that it has only become a house filled with hate without a reason. It's been eating me alive for a while and now that I've left for Chao's I know this is where my destiny lies. Chao just moved out of his father's house and into an apartment of his own a little over two months ago, however he lacked the same reasoning as myself. Unfortunately I only know Chao through my father, but at this point in time, everyone likes to forget their connection to the great Tian. Luckily I packed lightly so it was a much easier walk to the train station than expected. The next stop I have is Chao's house in the eastern lower ring, so I'm preparing for a long ride by lounging out before a girl sits next to me. Since there aren't any other seats I can't blame her, but it really put an timeout on my nap. I'm already in a grumpy mood and her sitting at the seat right next to me changed that from bad to worse. She turns over and catches me looking at her and blushes. I guess she must thinking I've got a crush on her on something, far from it, but I could use this to my advantage in hopes to actually get a girl for once. After all meeting the family didn't exactly do the trick for any of my former girlfriends.

"Hello, my name's Ai" She says quietly as she turns to me smiling nervously. Her black her perfectly compliments her hazel eyes and thin lips.

"Hello, my name's oh," I utter as the train kicks into gear and it moves so abruptly Ai almost gets bumped on top of me. Unfortunately Ai was much too quick to land on my lap and caught herself before she rested back into her seat.

"Hello, Oh" She says and then giggles a quiet giggle. I try to laugh too even though that wasn't funny.

"What I meant to say is my name's De. And I was going to ask you what brings you to the middle ring today?"

"I'm visiting my sister at the opening of her new pastry and tea shop. She's got quite the variety of teas, so if you ever want some of Ba Sing Se's best tea visit the White Steam," she said joyfully.

"I've never been a big fan of tea, but I'll try the pastry aspect of the store if I can find my way over there." I tell her this and we sit their silent awkwardly for about ten seconds before she finally speaks.

"So, um, what brings you to the eastern lower ring? I mean, I'm assuming it's not the assortment of tea shops." She jokes

"No, I came to the middle ring for, uh..." I don't know what to tell her without scaring her off. "leave home." As soon as the words leave my mouth I knew I spoke the wrong words.

"Oh" She replied sounding like mother comforting her child "Why?"

"I'm moving." She doesn't buy my bullshit for a second and knows I'm lying, "My friend got a promotion at the Market Place and I'm going to live with him" I tell the truth to try and reel her back in, but it doesn't work at all.

"I understand" She says as she opens up her book and that promptly ended the conversation.

We both sit in silence as the earthbenders move the train quickly and very roughly. It rumbles loudly and I feel ashamed already. After only moments I leave home for my supposed new honest start, I fail because I've already lied to a person. I should've known better than that. I'm no better than him, but I can be. Chao said he will get me a job at the Market Place and I can work my way up the ladder from their. I don't know how much I would really want to work at the Market Place especially after the family history there, but it will be a good footing as long as no one recognizes me.

The train slows and then jerks to a stop, I'm not so quick and I accidentally fall onto Ai. She helps me up and she says "This is my stop. Goodbye, De, don't forget to come into the White Steam." She yells back at me over the roar of the crowds exiting and entering the train car. I hear two older men chuckle as they pass her and the sit a few seats farther away then me.

"The White Steam needs all the advertizing it can get, depending on how even its finest tea tastes like coyote-cow piss. That fine little Joo Dee in training is going to need to scream from every rooftop of the city to get a few customers to roll in there." The gentlemen in the white robe and glasses says as his friend chuckles.

"I'd rather eat a cat-rabbit's shit than another one of their dumplings." The bald man in green with the long beard states loudly and him and his friend roar mighty roars of laughter for two old bastards.

I hear a baby begin to wail and I see a mother with two children leaning against the pole in the middle of the train car. She mother leans over to the two old men, "Excuse me, do you two mind? There are children on here." She says as she nods to the baby in her left arm and the young boy holding onto her right hand.

The white robed man leans close to her and says "Well listen here, missy," he raises his voice "How 'bout you mind your own damn business! You dumb fuckin' whore." He shouts at her aggressively. Then the green robed man laughs and squeezes her ass, she yelps and walks to the other end of the car.

He shouts and goes back to laughing about the woman's ass and tits. No one including myself does anything to stop them because we all fear being their next victims. I feel guilty for not defending that poor women, but today just wasn't my day to go starting fights. I try to fall asleep, but the thought of those two old men going on to torment others throughout the day is eating me alive. Just then the train slows, then jerks to a stop, and this is where I finally get off to start my new life. The two old men get off at this stop too and they get out of the doors right before me. I wish I could've walked away and gotten to Chao's house on time, but I felt as if I had to do something. I walk up to the old men stumbling around the train station, laughing, and hiccuping. I follow them down the streets to see where their heading. After walking for so long with them just stumbling around the eastern lower ring of Ba Sing Se cracking perverted jokes at young women, I've had enough. "Why did you two feel the need to assault that woman on the train?" I say to them. They turn around at me and the white robed one looks angered and the green robed one seems confused.

"Because why the hell not?" The green robed one jokes and laughs, but his friend doesn't join him.

The white robed one says "Get the fuck out of here, boy." As he turns around and continues stumbling down the path with his friend.

I've had enough old earth men telling me what to do to fill up three lifetimes and I'm not going to let this old sack of shit continue to push me around. So I decided to push back and I shove the white robed man and he falls. I hear a loud shatter and the man catches his fall. He stands up, but the ground is now wet and covered in shards of glass.

"Well look at what you did now, you bat-hogs asshole. You've just wasted most of me and Chin's weekend. Your going to have to pay us back for what you did." The green robed man says, no longer confused about the situation.

"What was in that bottle, that was so valuable." I inquire of Chin and his green robed friend.

"It was my home-brew and I can't take enough supplies to make some more for another month!" Chin yells at me as the green robed man searches his satchel. He pulls out another bottle and it stops Chin mid-tirade at the sight of it.

"Why is that so valuable, does it give whichever old fuck that drinks it enough energy to be an asshole for the day." I say, getting more angered by the mystery of the bottle.

"Looks like you'll never fucking find out." Chin says as he gulps down a large sum of the liquid inside the bottle before his green robed friend has to rip it away from him.

"Do you want to get sick, Chin?" the green robed man says just as Chin vomits onto the remains of his first bottle. He looks like he's about to collapse, so I help and save him from falling into a puddle of vomit and broken glass.

"Looks like this kid isn't as much of an ass as he lets on, Jai." Chin says as he finds his way to a nearby bench.

"Jai, is it?" I say and Jai nods his head to confirm. "If you both knew he was going to vomit when he drank that stuff, why did you still drink it?"

"Because it feels good and I'll probably do it again next month too." Chin uttered. I realized how much money I could scheme off these too old bastards if I got them their supplies to make this more than a monthly thing. These old fools were addicted to it, like the great Dragon of the West was addicted to his tea. I could make enough money to buy myself out of the lower ring.

"How about I get you two home and I can make you both a mighty fine deal?" I say to them.

I would never make a worse mistake in my whole life.

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