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"I swear to the spirits, I will kill that girl, no matter what!"
— Siwang vowing to murder Mina in Born Under Dirt
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Born Under Dirt

Siwang is the most prolific serial killer in the world. He has killed over five hundred citizens of New Ozai, and has managed to evade authorities for thirty years. Recently, he has made it his priority to hunt down and murder Mina and her team.

Born into a home of abuse, violence, and even incest, Siwang had a horrendous childhood. Eventually, he joined a dangerous Omashu gang, in which he began his serial killing spree. Siwang soon left the gang, and began killing people just to satisfy his sexual and violent desires. He also developed a great obsession over Ty Lee, as she is the subject of most his sexual desires. Siwang goes by the brutal philosophy that whoever he chooses to be his victim must die, even if it means basing the rest of his life on killing said person.

Siwang is skilled at Earthbending, a skill he consistently employs in his murders.


Early Life

Siwang was born in 83 AG in the City of Omashu. His family was poverty-stricken, and they had to struggle to live. As a child, Siwang's psyche was highly abnormal, as he was very cruel to animals. His cruelty and disturbing personality was greatly enhanced by his mother's physical and mental abuse directed toward him. Three years after his birth, Siwang's parents bore a young girl. Siwang's father molested and sexually abused her, which Siwang saw many times. As his father became more unstable, Siwang began training relentlessly in Earthbending, anticipating that his father would one day attempt to murder him.

When Siwang turned 13, that day came. He walked in on his father brutally murdering his mother and sister. His sister's cries of pain and agony brought a dark feeling upon Siwang, a pleasurable feeling that exceeded the feeling he got when he killed animals. After murdering the two females, Siwang's father also approached him with a slab of rock in hand. Siwang, using Earthbending, shot his father into the ground. The man pleaded for his life, though Siwang smashed a boulder over his father's face. The man's sounds of agony greatly satisfied him. Siwang left his home that day, never to return.

Killing Spree

In 97 AG, Siwang joined a violent Omashu gang, where his killing spree began. He killed his targets without mercy, and took great pleasure in their sufferings. Finally, in 100 AG, after Omashu was conquered by the Fire Nation, Siwang was given a mission that would change his life: kill the star of the Fire Nation Circus. Siwang had the intentions of carrying the task out, though when he saw Ty Lee, he was entranced by her beauty, and decided he would kill and rape her for himself. Unfortunately for Siwang, Princess Azula and her Imperial Guards recruited Ty Lee to hunt down Prince Zuko and General Iroh.

Siwang continued his killing sprees. In twenty-five years he had already killed over four-hundred people. New Ozai media dubbed him "The Earth Reaper", and authorities were unable to track him down due to the city's lack of forensic science. Phoenix King Ozai also ignored the murders, much to the horrors of the New Ozai citizens. When newly crowned Supreme Fire Lord Azula appointed Ty Lee as the Ruler of New Ozai, Siwang was thrilled, until he realized that she would be heavily guarded by the Imperial Firebenders. He also knew very well that attempting to rape and kill Ty Lee head-on would be too dangerous for him due to her Chi-Blocking skills.

Hunting Team Rebel

Long Feng attacks

Siwang attacking Mina

After brutally murdering a little boy, Siwang encounters Mina and Giu. At first, he makes himself come off as polite, kind man, though he unmasks his true identity by making a pass on Mina. He knocks Giu unconscious, and attempts to kill Mina, though her agility and skills in archery cause Siwang to struggle, having underestimated his opponent. Eventually, Siwang gains the upper hand in the battle by employing his unique Earthbending tactics. He holds Mina down, and attempts to rape her, though Giu knocks him out. The two flee the scene, and Siwang is left unconscious and defeated in the alleyway.

Later that day, Siwang awakens. He vows that he will murder Mina, symbolically snapping one of her arrows in half as means to show his desire to murder her.


Siwang is possibly the most evil character in the series. Unlike the other three "pure evil" antagonists (Mitsuki, Azula, and Yi) Siwang's cruelty does not stem from a desire for power and control, but rather a pure thirst for murder. Siwang enjoys watching people suffer, and has absolutely no regard for the families of the victims he murders. Siwang has no problem killing women or children. As a child, he never had social skills nor desired them, and always hated his peers. Siwang also gets himself into unhealthy obsessions, with Ty Lee being the biggest example.

Despite his obvious psychological turmoil and cruel nature, Siwang does set goals, albeit horrific ones, for himself. His main desire is to rape and kill Ty Lee, a desire he bases his entire life on. He also has one philosophy that he always goes by: whoever he chooses to be his victim will be his victim, no matter what. This very philosophy is what caused Siwang to have such an incredible obsession with Ty Lee, as she is the only intended victim of his to have lived, the other being Mina. Despite his terrible psychological problems, Siwang is normally calm, cool, and collected when taking people's lives. His temper is only evident when he has to struggle to kill a victim.


Siwang is one of the greatest Earthbenders on the planet. Unlike normal Earthbenders, he does not employ the typical techniques that form the bending art, such as strength and neutrality. Instead, he employs aggressive Firebending techniques in his bending, making him a much more deadly force to beat. Siwang was an Earthbending prodigy as a child, training himself in the art. Siwang's only true weakness to his bending is similar to the weaknesses of Firebending: lack of defensive maneuvers. This allowed him to easily get defeated by Giu in a surprise attack. Siwang's Earthbending also deteriorates when he loses control of his temper, as evident in his battle with Mina.

Siwang will also use rocks to kill people without actually bending them. He uses rocks to both suffocate and impale victims. Unlike most Earthbenders, Siwang does wear shoes, as he finds no need to be rooted to the ground, which is a common need of most Earthbenders.


  • Siwang eluding authorities and not being known in the city by his real name is based on Jack the Ripper, an unidentified serial killer who lived in London.
  • 'Siwang' roughly translates to "Death" in Chinese.

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