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Sisters of the Wind

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第六天 杏月, 三年後 偉大的彗星 - Day 6 of the 2nd Month, 3 AG

The last night I had found a small cave to sleep in. I would avoid towns for now... The Fire Nation army is ruthless and they believe all Airbenders should be dead, I don't want to risk my life just yet...

I didn't know what to think when I woke up to two smiles in my face. I found myself drinking deep in whatever smell emanated from them... It was beautiful and unearthly... It made me feel... Elated. I really didn't know what to think when I saw who it was. The woman. And who I presumed to be her sister.

"You didn't come to meet us," said the one I was familiar with.

"It's okay though, we'll forgive you for now." Continued her sister, a big grin spread across her face.

"How... How did you find me?"

"It was easy, we followed your sp..." Before the black-haired one could finish, her sister, who's hair was silver, put a hand on her mouth, and finished her sister's sentence.

"We followed your stench." She was lying.

Though I did carry a rather unpleasant odour at the time, they thought so too...

After being drenched in ice-cold water, clothes on and all, I was told to go wash myself with a small bar of soap, a bucket full of steaming water, and a towel. I complied. The steaming water looked inviting. The air was cold outside and in. But my spirit was warm...

I returned from my bathing at the far end of the cave, clad in a soft linen shirt and pants left for me on the floor. I felt refreshed and happy. When I returned to the front of the cave, I was greeted by a warm fire and the smell of eggs, meat, and spiced rice cooking.

"Who are you?" I muttered to myself.

"Ai! Get over here!" Called the young woman with the black hair.

"Are those..."

"Yes, they're the supplies my sister gave you. It's a good thing they didn't spoil." The silver haired sister answered my question.

"But I... I forgot them at Taku." No one answered this question. "And how do you know my name?"

"Oh, I have my ways... Woman's intuition." I still don't know.

"Now come over here and sit down, I'm going to cut your hair." I was a little taken aback at first, I didn't like the idea of a stranger touching me a sharp implements... Or cutting my hair. But after a moments hesitation I made my way to a flat rock, one that was a large stalagmite before...

How did it... I didn't even bother asking this question out loud.

As I drew near to them I felt a peaceful aura come over me. I sat down and felt the young women's hands touch my neck. They were as soft as air.

"Close your eyes unless you want hair in them." I doubt that was the reason.

I felt her cut my hair ever so gently. I neglected to see what it was she was cutting it with, but it was thin, small, and gentle. I knew my hair was being cut off, but I felt none of it touch my body on the way down...

I think I drifted into a light slumber, or perhaps I just lost myself to the relaxing aura I had felt, but when I returned Tsumi was done. Yes, when I returned I knew their names. The black-haired women was called Tsumi, and the women with the silver hair was Seelah.

It seems I dozed of for quite a while, since when I awoke my hair was barely hanging over my ears, my face was clean-shaven, and a warm and tasty meal was set out on a blanket.

I felt different.



Like an Airbender.

"Are you just going to sit there or are you going to come eat?" Questioned Seelah. She and Tsumi were already seated on the soft blanket.

I smiled and made my way to the meal. It smelled sweet and spicy. I realized that it wasn't just the meal, my foul stench was now replaced by the smell of cloves and bay-leaves.

"I really don't know what to say." I really didn't.

"Well, you could tell us the truth, Ai." I was a little shocked by Seelah's statement.

"What... What do you mean?"

"Ai. You can't hide it. You are an Airbender." Tsumi was very direct and straightforward when she spoke. I felt myself flush and I became dizzy for a second.

I didn't speak.

"Who are you?" I asked.

They didn't reply.

"Who are you?" I echoed. This time I started to sob. I didn't like this.

I missed my people. They knew it. The comforted me.

I still miss my people.

After the meal I dozed off once again. The blanket was soft and in helped against the hard floor of the cave. I dreamt.

"You are worthless, Ai. The world doesn't need you." He spoke. From that scene of what he thought was my death, I went back a little longer...

In my dream he held me as I cried. I held me as a father holds his son.

"It's okay now, Ai. It's okay."

I dreamt about my past again. I was only six-years-old. I remember how I admired him and wanted to be just like him when I grew up. I dreamt about that time when I tried to be like him in every way, including shaving not only my scalp. I had watched him shave many times. It fascinated me. This time I believed I was grown-up enough to start shaving myself. It's evident I wasn't. He walked in to find me clutching my cheek, blood dripping down my small hands.

"Ai! What happened!"

He cleaned my cut and held me like a father.

After the cut had healed, he showed me how to shave my face.

He really was like my father.

To think he betrayed us. He betrayed me.

I hate him

But I dreamt of this time. I don't know why...

"You dwell on him too much." It was Tsumi. I was still drowsy, but I was awake.

"Huh?" I yawned.

"You dwell on that man too much, Ai, and you dwell too much on your past."

Who are you?

"We are the sisters of the wind."

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