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Sisters of the Sunflower
General information

Sisters of the Sunflower

Notable members

Spirit Leader




To help those who are in trouble

Order's History

The Sisters of the Sunflower were created to not only help female Spirit Leaders but help the Spirit Leader no matter what gender. It started off be the rise of Spirit Leader Kimiko, but not much is known about this secret order. What we do know is that the order co-insides with the White Lotus, they search for both the Avatar and the Spirit Leader together with the same goal, but have different ways of handling the situations. During Avatar Roku's years, the Order was run by Spirit Leader Tsusa and helped put the world's affairs into check. Only females are allowed to join the ranks of the Sunflowers, but male Spirit Leaders and Avatars are guided in the same way if the were female.

Katara and the Order of the White Lotus

The sisters are like the Order of the White Lotus. Here is Katara, a member of both

Notable Members

Many of the past members have been powerful benders able to join the ranks for their skills. Most female Spirit Leaders and Avatars are among the top ranking officials in the Order; Spirit Leader Kimiko became the first leader of the Order other than an Avatar. Many of the current members are friends with Avatar Korra and the new leader took over during Avatar Aang's years. Shizo was chosen because of her knowledge about the Order's past and past members. She is the ultimate leader of her years. Korra ranks in the low since she does not have interest in the order, other than June, who knows of the order's background. He is the only male member of Shizo's family that knows of some Sunflower secrets.

The Orders Mission

During the orders long historical past the mission has been to help find the Spirit Leader, much like the White Lotus with their search for the Avatar. The Sisters are in the world to give guidance to the four nations as well as the Avatar and Spirit Leader. The sisters are known for the skilled benders and unique sunflower pin that they wear. Many people don't know who the members of the order are. Except for Shizo and Katara, many of the members are of the younger generation and a challenged to the world that is always changing with time.

Secrets of the Sunflower

Many of the secrets of the order are hidden from the outside world. One secret that all members do know about is that if the Spirit Leader is female, she automatically becomes the leader of the order. They are given the choice of leading the Sisters or naming a leader in their place. Another secret is that when a male Avatar or Spirit Leader is in the world, the sisters give spiritual guidance to them. Some sisters have even been the Avatar's bending teachers in history. The Ultimate Sunflower is the one chosen before the Avatar Spirit and Spirit Leader come together to choose the Ultimate Sunflower. The Ultimate Sunflower holds the power to veto any move a member may make.

I Shall Fight to Stay Alive

the sisters of the sunflower gather knowledge of the world

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