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"I never dreamt of such a thing happening! War! It seems so silly, yet so terrifying! I don't know what to make of it!"
— Sister Iio to Sister Aayla in Eavesdropping
Sister Iio
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Air Nomads; Eastern Air Temple



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Syra, Sister Aayla, Sister Sang, Sister Amara, Sister Tala, Air Nomads

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Mother Superior


Air Nomads

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Two Separate Lives

Sister Iio, otherwise known as Iio, is the Superior of the Eastern Air Temple and a gentle elderly woman. She offered to personally oversee Syra's Airbending training. She is a character in When Air Nomads Walked the Earth.


Sister Iio was born to two unnamed Air Nomads and given to the nuns of the Eastern Air Temple. She was placed under the care of Sister Tam and exhibited a sweet, compassionate personality since childhood. Like all other Air Nomad children, she was born an Airbender and quickly advanced in her training. She also had a profound interest in religion and politics, interests that soon led to her establishment as the Superior. Like Syra, she also dealt with cliques in her school.

Iio's devoutness in the study of religion and politics earned her position as the head nun of the temple, a job which she took very seriously. She worked closely with the other high position nuns: Sister Aayla, Sister Sang, Sister Asira and Sister Tala. She was the proctor of the traditional Sky Bison choosings; young Air Nomad children were taken to the Sky Bison stables to choose their own bison as their companion for life. She serves as the announcer at the annual Airbending matches held at the temple and has recently offered to be Syra's personal mentor in her Airbending training.


Sister Iio is a courteous, kind woman, deeply devoted to the spiritual beliefs of her people and keen on all the matters concerning the Eastern Air Temple. She is tender, gentle, well-educated, sage and supportive. She offers solace to others who need it and is always willing to give advice to those in need. Like all Air Nomads, she is a vegetarian and regards all life as sacred.


Sister Iio is a master of Airbending, although rarely utilizes it as she has little need to do so.


  • As any other Air Nomad, Iio has her own Sky Bison which she named Tam as a dedication to her childhood guardian.

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