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Siro attends a Fire Nation school in his hometown of Sen Go. Intellectual, sensitive and a bit reserved, he desires to master Firebending yet struggles to do so. He is a major character in When Air Nomads Walked the Earth.


Siro was born to Zala, a pottery maker, and Lee Wang, a personal advisor to the leader of the Sen Go village. Despite neither of his parents retaining Firebending abilities, both Siro and his older brother, Zorin, are Firebenders.

Hama's village

Siro's hometown of Sen Go.

Lee Wang took notice to Siro's Firebending abilities which Siro, at three years-old, discovered he possessed after mimicking the movements of a Firebending move he witnessed his brother perform one day. Lee Wang also paid close attention to Siro's academic studies when he enrolled in the local Fire Nation school. Siro was extremely bright in the classroom, achieving high grades, however, academic studies were secondary to Firebending training. He befriended another student, Jengso, and the two became best friends soon after.

Siro always struggled to learn Firebending techniques. At a younger age, he showed great potential in mastering the art and was fiercely determined to perfect his ability. He would often time spend hours on end practicing his Firebending which drew him away from his regular studies which greatly upset his father. Lee Wang was not afraid to verbally reprimand his son in manners that Zala considered rather harsh. Still, that did not stop Siro from continuing his training whenever possible.

As time wore on, however, Siro became more and more lenient with his training; he still deeply desired to be a Firebending Master, but struggled to push himself further in his practices. This often led to frustration and tension between him and his father's relationship.

As evidently seen in Two Separate Lives, Siro enjoyed many great moments with Zorin and looked up to him. He and his brother were always looking to challenge each other, play jokes on each other, or downright annoy
Iroh, Zuko, and Lu Ten at the beach

Siro and his brother, Zorin, spending time on the beach with their father, Lee Wang.

each other. Whenever there was tension between Siro and Lee Wang or Lee Wang and Zala, Siro always sought his brother's comfort first. Zorin left Sen Go at fifteen years-old when Siro was eleven and went to attend a military training school. This departure had a profound impact on Siro.

Siro has just recently shown signs of depression at the absence of his brother, often slipping into daydreams during class and receiving harsh scoldings from his teacher, Master Shyo.


Siro is calm, level-headed and laidback, remarkably bright and quite modest. He is somewhat reserved, preferring not to become involved in dramatic events at school or anything too out of the ordinary. Although sometimes downcast and sober, he craves fun and is deeply loyal to his friends.

When younger, Siro was eccentric, full of zest and cheerful. He had a much more lighthearted personality than currently exhibited and enjoyed the more thrilling sides of life. This was partially influenced because of the excitement Zorin brought to his world. Upon Zorin's departure, however, Siro has since then become more withdrawn. His current personality may have also been a result of the reprimands he so often received from his father.


Siro is a Firebender, however, although having begun his training since he was five, he struggles in the art. Even though very patient and showing great potential, Siro never performed moves with much skill as some of the other students. His more laidback attitude that prevailed when he was around ten only contributed to his lag in training.

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