By M1O Part of the Break the Cycle continuity.
"Yeah, I'm sure leaving the relative safety of our home was a smart move - a life-changing one, even!"
"Shut up and keep running."
—Sing and Hong talk about the great outdoors, landslide hazards, and a rabid platypus bear

Sing is a metalbender and former slave from New Omashu. He is a friend of Sabat, possibly connected to his dream of becoming a soldier in order to escape the humdrum life of servitude. He had to quickly change his plans when his family urged him to leave and Sabat agreed with them. If nothing else, he can't complain about things being the boring same old same old anymore.

He's allergic to various furry animals.

"I think the worst- the worst part is I'm allergic to it!"
"Yes, because making you sneeze is the worst it can do to you."

Early Life

Sing is the younger brother of Hong and as such he did not receive an augmentation. Or, at least, he would have but escaped with the aid of Sabat, who also fled.

Character & Abilities

Sing used to imagine that being stuck as a slave was a bad thing, and now he thinks highly of it. Of course, it may just be that he complains about everything. He lacks initiative and takes the attitude of complacency dangerously to heart, and would like nothing more than to find some rock to hide under and live out the rest of his days. He has trouble taking anything seriously, even simple disguises, and often gets himself in trouble. Sing has even considered returning to New Omashu, but knows a happy ending is unlikely there now that he has been branded a runaway. Despite his glaring faults, he is a much better people-person than his sister and blends in with crowds, and even earned the group some free food by being pitiful enough.

Sing is an advanced metalbender, but as can be seen he rarely applies himself and is more prone to running away from his problems, ironically enough. There is a notable difference in skill level between Sing and his sister, but when under attack he can and will lend a hand, if only to conjure up some cover for himself and others to hide behind. He is not augmented as the duo left before his appointment, and is unable to fully relate to his sister's predicament although he tries to help her to avert her wrath as best he can. At the very least, Sing gets along with people as long as they leave him out of their troubles and he enjoys listening to Teach's "history lessons" and the Avatar's "story time." He has a crush on Owan but knows he's way out of his league.

Author Comments

Sing and Hong used to be named Song and Sing. He was allergic back then too, which brought him no end of grief since his sister found a pet cat owl. Crisis averted. Somewhat.

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