By Philanahembree Part of the Forces of Nature continuity.
Biographical information

Northern Water Tribe


Northern Water Tribe


Northern Water Tribe (formerly)

Physical description


Hair color

Dark brown

Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Fighting style(s)

Waterbending, Bloodbending, Respiration


La, Tui, Northern Water Tribe

Chronological and political information

Waterbending master

Sinaaq was a waterbending master from the Northern Water Tribe and the only waterbender to ever achieve the legendary ability of Respiration, allowing him to breathe underwater. He was killed during a failed duel against La, the Ocean spirit.


Sinaaq was born in the Northern Water Tribe, the son of one of its chieftains. He was trained in the art of waterbending by several masters. With such intense training, he began practicing in secret any skills he could, even the dark art of Bloodbending.

However, he eventually tested this too far when he attempted to use bloodbending against La, the Ocean Spirit, but was stopped by Tui, who permanently blinded him.

The next morning, he was sentenced to death for his act against the Ocean Spirit, but was spared at the behest of his father. He was instead banished from the Northern Tribe, and was warned that should he return, it would be La who would deal with him once and for all.

However, he chose not to go to Southern Tribe, instead he traveled to the Earth Kingdom.

Regaining his Waterbending


Duel with La

Sinaaq waited on the small island of Hontna before submerging again and seeking out La, who he knew was waiting for him to arrive.


Sinaaq remained a tale of caution for many years in the Northern Tribe but was eventually forgotten by most Northerners. However, he ended up being mistaken as a Southerner centuries later, being placed among the North's greatest enemies. A few books about him ended up in the Southern Water Tribe Cultural Center, but most of them were destroyed during Varrick's bombing of the center in 171 AG.


Sinaaq lived with a nihilistic approach to life, even going as far as to challenge La twice in his lifetime, the second time after he was blind.



Sinaaq was a waterbending master, powerful enough to hold his own against several waterbenders, earthbenders and even La for hours on end.


Sinaaq didn't pick up the skill of Bloodbending well at first.


Sinaaq's greatest achievement was unlocking a waterbending skill only known in ancient legends, the ability to breathe underwater.

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