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Simi Rohan
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Air Nomad



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Airbending, staff

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Clan Rohan, Hava Jinorra (distant cousin)


Omashu, Order of the White Lotus, Southern Water Tribe


Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation

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Air Nomads

Simi Rohan was an Air Nomad from Clan Rohan. He along with Hava, left for Omashu to teach Avatar Tala to airbend. He was one of the scouts sent out after the Fire Nation set after Republic City. He was scarred and burned by an attacker.


Simi was a young member of the Elders of Clan Rohan. He was one of those who helped train Tala in airbending. When political relations strained across the world, the Fire Nation moved to blockade Republic City.

Simi was sent to scout the path when he witnessed the Fire Nation's Air Force attack a United Forces Airfield. The airships tried to cut him off and prevent his escape to Omashu. Simi was able to evade the attacks, but a white flame hit him and his sky bison on their left side. Adrenaline gave them the ability to flee and escape.

Simi crashed into the stables and was able to warn Hava Jinorra of the impending danger. He has since been under the care of the healers. His arm is burned permanently black as coal, while his skin was melted.

Simi recovered by the time of the Winter Solstice. Where he tried to warn Avatar Tala not to face Rishu, the man who had scarred him. It was of no avail, but Tala and Rishu departed from the fight on equal ground, much to his relief.

During the battle on the full moon, Simi was a part of the offensive. They believed they had the advantage because of their numerous waterbenders. Unfortunately, it was an ambush so that Rishu could use a company of mercenary bloodbenders. Simi was captured by the bloodbenders, as was discovered in the aftermath.

Due to his absence, Kulek is now training the nomad children, he had previously taught.


Aang determined

Simi now wears this style due to the scarring on his arm and chest.

  • Simi's role, while minor, is there to replace multiple loose end characters.
  • Simi's outfit is like that of Aang in Book 3: Fire.
  • Simi has a heightened tolerance to pain as a result of his scar and the pain it brings. Most other things now seem to do little to him as they would before.

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