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Silent Suffering
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Corruption and Redemption





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February 8, 2011

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Silent Suffering is the second chapter in the fanon story Corruption and Redemption, which is written by Kilo99. This chapter focuses on Azula during her first few days at the mental hospital, where she reveals all of the suffering she really had.


The Mental Prison

Azula's vision

Azula prepares for her therapy session.

Azula was in her room wearing a strait-jacket, again as the guards said it was to "protect" her from herself. She was just sitting there, not crying or yelling as the other patients were. She hadn't gotten any sleep for the past few nights, so her eyes were baggy and her hair was messed up, and she had a look on her face that was saying a, "touch me and you die" sort of expression. She never thought Ember Island would have such a hell hole for the mentally insane, she only remembered it as a place to get away from politics and responsibilities, a place where she would find comfort. A place that would keep her thinking if she was truly a monster.

As she was thinking this, two guards came in and told her that it was time for her therapy session, with one of the best mental doctors in the Fire Nation, a man named Mao. As she was escorted down the hallway, she thought to herself that she shouldn't tell him about how she truly thought about her own past.

She made it to Dr. Mao's office and sat down on the couch that was sitting in the middle of the room. She felt relaxed in the couch, despite the strait-jacket she was wearing.

"Good morning, Princess Azula," Mao said to her in a gentile tone.

"What's so good about today," Azula barked back, "Its just been hell at this poor excuse of a hospital."

"Why, just because you are here doesn't mean that you have to not appreciate the day," Mao replied, "Ember Island is a beautiful place to live, many people consider that it is a place that smooths out the rough edges of life."

"I used to come here when I was a child, my parents used to take me and my brother here at a beach house not too far from here."

"Ah, your family, why don't you tell me about them?"

"My brother, Zuko, has always wanting to be as good as I was, He would spend hours training by himself, trying to advance to my level, now he stripped me of everything I ever earned!"

"Calm down, now what about your parents?"

False Love

Ozai scolds Azula

Ozai scolds Azula

"You want me to tell you about my parents," Azula yelled as she was growing angrier, "Fine, I will! You know all about Ozai, he was considered the worst man who ever lived, I just happened to be his daughter. People say that he treated me like gold, but no, he treated me like crap! When I was only seven and my mother left me and Zuko for dead, he started to get harsher in my training. He knew I was a prodigy, but if I were to screw up on one of the lessons, he would beat and mock me. I tried hard to please him, but every time I disappointed him, he would say, 'You must be strong, if you are weak, you are no better then your uncle or your brother!' I would try hard not to show any weakness to Zuko, but whenever Zuko and father were gone, I would go into my room and cry my eyes out. When I started to grow up, I became a heartless, manipulative monster, as everybody said."

"I do not think you are a monster," Mao said, "I think you are simply confused on what is right and what is wrong."

"But how do I know what is right and what is wrong?" Azula asked with her eyes welling up with tears.

"That is a question I am not qualified to answer, you must look inward and ask yourself what you want and what you should believe is right."

"But I don't even know if I am the person I want to be or I am the one my father forced me to be," Azula said before being choked by her own tears.

"I think you will make the right choices, you just need proper guidance, I agree that Ozai was not a good father at all. You need somebody who would treat you with compassion, but for now, you time is up, you can think this over in your room."

Thoughts on the subject

Azula reminisces

Azula thinks over what happened during the session.

When Azula was escorted back to her room, she was thinking to herself about what Mao said, about how she needs to find somebody to show her compassion. Ursa never really showed this, as she was too busy with Zuko to mind her at all. Uncle might have shown some to her, but she never thought much of Iroh, as she always thought he was a quitter and a failure. Zuko thinks very negatively of her, and he was the one who really sent her to this place.

So if I need compassion from somebody, who do I get it from?, Azula thought, Will I never know what it is like to be loved, to not be thought of as worthless.

Will I never know what it is like to love, will I live the rest of my life like a feelingless crazy person?

I suppose this means I will never know, Azula thought.

But what she didn't know was that she would soon be freed illegally, and that she would find love and unfortunately, and old enemy.


  • This chapter is foretelling several events that will happen throughout the story.
  • This chapter also is foretelling two characters that will appear later in the story.
  • This is so far the shortest chapter in the story.

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