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By King_Bumis_Heir Part of the Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan continuity.
Sifu Takumi
"Sifu" Takumi
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Firebending Master

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Book 1: Air Chapter 1: New Beginnings

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Book 1: Air Chapter 6: ??

"Sifu" Takumi is Rong Yan's Firebending teacher, who teaches Rong Yan advanced firebending and help him master the element. Takumi is minor character in my fanon Fanon:Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan. He is describes as a somewhat tall, tan skinned, toned bodied man, with long black hair stopping at the shoulders, a top knot on top of his head, a skinny mustache that you would see on Monk Pasang, and a long goatee.


Takumi, is known to be a well determined man, whose patience is very high. Takumi is an honorable and respective person. Rather serious behavior, in most of the chapters he appears in.


Early Life

Not much is known about his early life, or his teenage years.

Adult Years

Takumi graduated from a Firebending Academy within Fire Fountain City, and traveled the country to teach young children firebending. He soon stopped as he noticed that he wasn't receiving much profit from it. And worked as a blacksmith, making armor and weapons to support the military of any upcoming threats.

Takumi learned of the news that the Fire Sages had announced the Fire Nation Avatar, had soon dropped his business to teach the young Avatar to master firebending. He traveled to Yin La, where just on the outskirts of the city was the Fire Temple.

The Fire Sages interviewed Takumi, and had him demonstrate his skills in firebending, and soon accepted him. Just as they did to two other firebending masters.

In Rong Yan's Life

Rong Yan had the choice of choosing one of the three firebending masters, to be his teacher. Rong Yan chose Takumi, for some strange reason, maybe he didn't see anything within the other two, they looked mean, and impatient. Takumi accepted the choice and began to teach the Avatar the basics of firebending.

Even though he knew most sets and forms, Takumi taught Rong Yan in different way than his grandmother Nila had taught him.

Takumi was very patient with Rong Yan, and waited until he was ready to advance to the next set of firebending forms. Two years had passed and his teachings in Rong Yan had progressed very well. The goofy boy he once knew who seemed weak, now was as strong or stronger than him. Takumi is very proud of Rong Yan, and in one of the chapters tells him he hopes he becomes a great Avatar.

Invasion at the Southern Air Temple

Sifu Takumi arrives to the Southern Air Temple, along with a gifted dragon from the Fire Lord. He came to check on Rong Yan's progress, but then stays to help defend the air temple.


Takumi seemed to be a good firebender, since he did teach young children within the Fire Nation, firebending. Takumi has a signature move where he does a backflip and at the same time kicks fire so it flies at the opponent as a wheel of fire. Sifu Takumi, is also known to generate lightning but it is not shown that he uses it.



  • The name "Takumi" in Japanese means "skilled".
  • Like many characters in the Avatar universe, Sifu Takumi does not have a last name.
  • He was originally planned as a major character, but just recently I decided to make him a minor character. Don't worry those won't be the last time you see him.

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