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Warning! This page contains spoilers for The Weatherbenders.

Siege of the South


Capture of the Fire Nation


The Tri-National Showdown


The Second Weatherbending Conflict


5 - 15 September, 102 AG


Southern Water Tribe


Water Tribe victory alongside the Earth Kingdom, Kianna arrested and eventually executed


Fire Nation


Chiefs Hakoda and Arnook (partially)

Admiral Xian

Forces involved

Fire Nation Navy


Unknown amount of Water Tribe and Earth Kingdom soldiers

  • Unknown amount of Fire Navy soldiers
  • Baktan


First appearance

TWB Chapter 10

Last appearance

TWB Chapter 16


The Siege of the South, occurring within the continuity of The Weatherbenders, was a military act launched by Fire Lord Zorro against the Southern Water Tribe late in the summer of 102 AG.


The Siege of the South was set up after Zorro captured the Fire Nation alongside the Meteorologists. This itself was precluded by the events in chapter five, when the Meteorologists defeated Team Avatar.

As the new Fire Lord, and one with a desire to return to the Fire Nation to the Ozai days, Zorro began a re-building of the military, which included training them in Weatherbending. The plan to attack the Southern Water Tribe was designed with help from Kianna and Baktan. This was to be the start of a new global takeover by the Zorro-led Fire Nation. After the military buildup was completed, the plan was launched on 4 September, from a naval base near the Black Cliffs. It was led by Admiral Xian.


Siege Warfare

Fire Navy ships

The Fire Nation Navy at the South Pole at dawn on 5 September.

An initial attack was launched by Xian's forces on the early morning hours on 5 September, catching the warriors and benders active at the South Pole off guard. The attack decimated the defensive of the Southern Water Tribe, and allowed the navy to lay siege.

The siege significantly cut off the supply flow to the South Pole from its sister tribe in the north, forcing a strain on supplies that lasted for two weeks. With the supply strain, the navy began to launch more organized attacks.


These attacks began on 14 September, starting to strain the forces the South had even more. The Northern Tribe tried to sneak reinforcements in behind the blockade as much as they could, but travel was extremely difficult and lengthy. The South Pole was on the verge of falling within thirty-six hours of these attacks. Because of this, Zorro sent Kianna and Baktan down to take care of the eventual surrender.

Intervention of Princess Katara, Prince Sokka and the Earth Kingdom

However, Team Avatar would not allow this to happen. On 14 September, Katara and Sokka, the children of Chief Hakoda, made their way down to their home tribe with additional reinforcements from the Earth Kingdom trailing behind them. They joined the fight, and helped defeat the invading Fire Nation forces, before the battlefield settled after sunset on the 14th.

On the second day of the fight, the Water Tribes and Earth Kingdom crushed the Fire Nation early on. However, Admiral Xian released a reserve of forces, and also added in Kianna and Baktan. The latter two wreaked havoc, killing multiple opposition forces and driving the Fire Nation close to the village center. However, Katara and Sokka got to them, forcing them into duels. While the duels went off, the Water Tribe and Earth Kingdom began to turn the tide.

Individual battles

Katara, Sokka, Kianna and Baktan became wrapped in bitter, exhausting and even bloody duels. Sokka and Baktan fought in one mostly using swordfighting. Baktan had a water skin, but Sokka broke it early on with a toss of his boomerang. At one point, Sokka had Baktan pinned to a wall, but Baktan used Waterbending with snow manipulation to stop Sokka. He tried to pull water from the air to form his ice whips over the sword, but Sokka kept stopping them. After drying the air to the point where this move as impossible, Baktan resumed swordfighting Sokka. After several moments of fighting, they each agreed to a final move. Sokka wound up winning when he knocked Baktan's sword away, proceeding to cut him across his stomach, thus killing Baktan.

Katara and Kianna had a pure Waterbending match. Kianna overwhelmed Katara early, as Katara fought out of anger over her opponent killing Ty Lee earlier in the series. At one point, Kianna had Katara unconscious after slamming her to a wall with water whips. However, Katara got up after seeing a vision of Ty Lee, and stopped Kianna just before she got a killing move in. After more of a draw, they each had to use Weatherbending to moisten up the atmosphere and acquire more water. This exhausted them severely by dehydration. In the final move, Katara used water bullets to finally overwhelm Kianna and end the fight. Although neither side was truly defeated, Kianna was captured by Water Tribe forces and led away.

Results and consequences

With their two most powerful fighters defeated, the Fire Nation could not regain the momentum they established, and eventually were forced to surrender to their opposition.

Katara passed out shortly after her battle, and was brought to the healing huts by Sokka. There, Katara made a full recovery and later returned with Sokka to the Earth Kingdom to re-unite with Team Avatar.

Kianna would be detained for several months before a trial. She was convicted of treasonous acts against the Water Tribes, which included the attempted assassination of royalty, as Sokka and Katara were the Prince and Princess of the Southern Water Tribe, respectively. Kianna was executed on 19 July, 103 AG.

All the meanwhile, the Southern Water Tribe suffered a setback in reconstruction. However, with continued support of the Northern Water Tribe, the Fire Nation, which was again under the reign of Zuko, and the Earth Kingdom, they were able to get back on their feet and accomplish their goal over the next several years.

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